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Discord:Checking to See If You’ve Been Blocked on Discord (2022)

Discord is a popular communication tool among gamers. Participants in the platform’s gaming community can communicate with one another via text, video, and audio. Similar to other social networks, Discord means users to add and remove friends and block users.

A user can block another user in Discord and vice versa. You may need help knowing if someone has secured you on Discord. This article will tell you how to check if you’ve been blocked on Discord.

Discord: How to Tell if You’ve Been Blocked

Several ways are discussed below to confirm whether or not you have been blocked on Discord:

1. Check your friend list on discord

Your first order of friends is to check your list of friends. If your friend has blocked you, they will find you from your friend list. It’s possible that your friend has blocked you if you can’t find them on your friend list.

However, you might not be able to find that person on your friend list if they have unfriended you. It’s only sometimes because you’ve been blocked if you can’t find the person. This article does not provide a means to confirm that claim.

2. Initiate a friend-request exchange.

Send them a friend request if you need help locating them on your friend list. They have unfriended you and not blocked you if you can still send them a friend request.

However, if you enter the correct name and still receive the error “Friend Request Failed,” it means that the person has blocked you.

3. check the User’s Information on discord.

You can also check the user’s profile to see if you’ve blocked. Check out their profile to see if the Bio section is open to the public. If a person’s bio disappears, they’ve successfully blocked you.

4. React to the user’s Message

To see if you’ve been blocked on Discord, respond to the user’s last message and look for the block notification. Get in touch with them by opening the chat inbox and reacting to an older statement.

You have allow to react to their message. The user has blocked you if you see their message in it but cannot react to it.

5. Message Transmission on discord

Even if you could not reply to a user’s previous Discord message, you can still send them a message to find out if they have blocked you.

A user cannot send with a blocked user on it, as with all other social media platforms.

It’s possible that they’ve blocked you if you cannot contact them. You will not block if the message is sent and receive by the recipient.

Parting Remarks on discord

These were the most efficient ways to check if you had block on Discord. You may not know whether you are truly block or if the person unfriended you. In case you’re still not sure if you’ve blocked, however, you can check out the procedures outlined in the article above.

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