Best Craigslist Auto Poster Software [2021 List]

Posting ads on Craigslist is always a time-consuming and tedious task. Craigslist Auto Poster will save you a lot of time by automatically posting your ads for you so you don’t have to. This makes using Craigslist Auto Poster or advertisements much easier and less intimidating.

Finding a good Craigslist Auto Poster tool can be difficult and perplexing, especially if you don’t know what features to look for. I’ve compiled a list of the best Craigs list Auto Poster resources and examined each of their advantages and disadvantages to make your search a little easier.

CL Tool for Automatic Posting (Best on a Budget)

The CL Tool is a low-cost Craigslist Auto Poster software that can make posting ads on Craigslist automatic post simple. It is only $9.99 per month. The monthly fee for additional functionality is $5.99. Among the software’s features are automatic captcha bypass, ad scheduling, and quick campaign management.


Because of its low price, this Craigslist Auto Poster app is excellent for those on a tight budget.

CL Advertising Blaster (Best Allrounder)

The CL Ad Blaster is a good choice for the majority of Craigslist users who want to post ads quickly and easily.
It includes a number of useful features, such as the ability to post multiple ads within a 75-mile radius of your current location. Its Simple package plan is $99.99, making it one of the less expensive options on the list.

Most excellent all-around player:

This is my general advice out of all the Craigslist Auto Poster resources I’ve tested.

Hot Ad Poster: (Editor’s Pick)

The Hot Ad Poster simplifies the planning and posting of advertisements. It has the ability to post and renew up to 100 ads per day. The Starter (monthly) package costs $99.99 and is a good place to start with the app. Although the Premium addon is pricey at $299.99 per month, I like that it comes with a dedicated account manager to support you.

Editor’s Pick:

This auto Craigslist poster method is my personal favorite for posting advertisements fast and efficiently. It’s a little more expensive than the others, but it has a lot more features.

What Do You Look for in a Craigslist Auto Poster Tool?

Here are a some items to think about when choosing the best Craigslist Auto Poster app for you.


Unfortunately, many Craigslist Auto Poster systems charge a fee. While there are some free tools available, the vast majority are ineffective and lack a comprehensive set of features. This is not ideal because the primary goal of a automatic Craigslist poster is to make posting advertisements much easier.

‘Free’ auto posters are usually accompanied by a free trial period during which you can test the app.
However, after the demo period expires, you will almost always be required to pay to continue using the app.

Prices for Craigslist Auto Poster services vary. Some are reasonably priced, around $10 per month, while others can cost hundreds of dollars per month. Your budget, the features you require, and how valuable your time are all factors in determining how much you are willing to spend on software.


The features of Craigslist Auto Poster software are critical because you want it to do its job correctly. The majority of these systems include auto-scheduling, captcha bypass, ad monitoring, and the ability to repost expired ads.

These are the fundamental features you should look for in a programme like this, as they will make it run much more smoothly. If you need the programme to run on multiple devices, check to see if the software offers discounted additional licences.

Customer Service

A strong customer service department is a valuable asset for any company, including Craigslist posting programmes. If you need to contact anyone with questions or complaints about the auto poster, you want a stress-free and supportive experience.

Choosing a posting software with dependable and trustworthy customer service is a wise decision because it will make things easier in the long run. You should look into the craigslist post tool’s customer service options, as some may only offer email or phone support. If you prefer to communicate via email, a Craigs list ad poster who only offers phone support is unsuitable. Furthermore, some auto posters only provide customer service to those who have paid for more expensive plans.

Check out all of the program’s paid packages to see if there are any limits.

The Top Best Craigslist Ad Posting Applications

1. CL Tool for Automatic Posting (Best Value)

The CL Posting tool is a secure and dependable programme for posting ads on Craigslist adposter quickly and easily. Access to the backpage, a proxy IP rotator, an auto posting scheduler, and other features are included. Some of these features, however, are hidden behind add-ons and must be purchased before they can be used.

The tool’s interface is straightforward, and you can manage all of your advertisements within the app, including editing, deleting, and posting. Its only shortcoming is its out-of-date appearance.

The CL Posting tool is available for download as a free 7-day trial, allowing you to test it out before purchasing it. The preview, on the other hand, only allows you to post 25 advertisements and lacks many of the features found in the full version. To use all of the features of this auto Craigslist posting app, you must purchase the full version.


  • It has a lot of features
  • It has a simple design
  • It’s inexpensive
  • It has a free demo


  • It seems to be a little out of date.
  • Add-ons are extra, which may boost the total price.

2. CL Advertising Blaster (Top Pick)

The CL Ad Blaster is another excellent tool for dealing with Craigslist Auto Poster. It has several features, including the ability to renew your expired ads automatically every 48 hours.

This feature operates without requiring you to sign in to your account. The CL Ad Blaster has a small catch.
You are only allowed to post 150 ads per day. Most advertisers should be concerned about this. Furthermore, uploading more than 150 ads in a single day is considered spam, and your account may be suspended and your ads removed as a result.

The Standard package has a monthly fee of $99.99. It includes the programme, access to the website, and a single posting area. This kit contains no customer or LogMeIn service. Finally, the Platinum package costs $299.99 per month. All of the previous tier’s features, as well as email and phone customer service, are included. You’ll have access to three different posting areas, as well as LogMeIn assistance.

This Craigslist ads poster offers some expensive packages, but the basic plan isn’t bad, especially when compared to the other tools I’ve looked at. The app includes a 3-day free trial so you can check out the features and see if it’s a good fit for you.


  • Simple to use GUI
  • Ability to list your ad in several cities within a 75-mile radius of your location


  • It’s a little expensive
  • Basic programs do not provide access to client help.

3. Hot Ad Poster: Editor’s Pick

This app provides a convenient solution to the time-consuming and frustrating process of posting classified ads. It saves you time and effort by pre-configuring your promotions, accounts, and schedule. It publishes and renews an advertisement every 12 minutes to ensure that your message is never overlooked. It has the capacity to post up to 100 ads per day. If this appears to be a problem, keep in mind that posting an excessive number of advertisements on a daily basis is known as spamming.

This add-on is $299.99 per month and can only be used in conjunction with one of the Starter packages. A dedicated account manager will automatically post your ads to other classified sites such as OfferUp, LetGo, and Facebook Marketplace.

If you want to give the Hot Ad Poster a try, you can get a 3-day preview from the product’s website. If you have any questions about the app, please get in touch with us via email or phone.


  • User-friendly setup
  • A dedicated account manager is added to the premium bundle for added ease.
  • A free demo is available.


  • It is very high-priced.


Overall, in my opinion, the CL Ad Blaster is the best Craigslist Auto Poster tool. It handles the administrative side of ad posting so you don’t have to. It includes a slew of features, including the ability to post a single ad in multiple cities within a 75-mile radius of your current site.

This means that the advertising is seen by as many people as possible. It has an easy user interface that makes it simple to use. The app is available in a variety of pricing plans, the most affordable of which is $99.99 per month. There is a three-day free trial available so you can start testing before purchasing it.

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