12 Best Torrent Sites for Audiobooks Updated In 2021

Is this true of you? To find safe audiobook torrent sites where you can download high-quality Torrent free audio books torrents for free, you probably want to know which ones are safe. No need to look any further. We love audiobooks on OSXWiki. So, in this article, we will talk about the 12 best torrent sites for audiobooks that have been updated for 2020.

We have a list of sites where you can download audiobooks from other people who have them.Audiobook fans on Reddit helped us come up with the best torrent sites for audiobooks in 2020. You should check them out, too. All of these sites have a fair number of seeders, and some of them are just for audiobooks. For now, we’ve put together a list of the 12 best torrent sites for audiobooks.

Top 12 Best Torrent Sites for Audiobooks

1. The Pirate Bay

audiobook torrenting

The Pirate Bay is on the list of the best Torrent Sites for Audiobooks because it is a great place to download songs and software. It can be used in 30 languages and has filters that let you search for apps, audio and video, and more, so you can find what you want more quickly. The interface is also simple to use. To find the torrent you want, you can type in a search term in the search box. 🙂 These sites aren’t allowed in India or Pakistan, so if you live in one of those countries, you might just have to look for other places to find them.

2. AudioBook Bay

AudioBook Bay

One of the best Torrent Sites for Audiobooks is AudioBook Bay. It is without a doubt the biggest name in the field of audiobooks, and it deserves that title because it has thousands of great audiobooks that are categorised into 50+ different genres. Action, Adventure, Art, Autobiography & Biographies, Businesses, Computer, Crime, Education, History, Lecture, Mystery, and many other types of things are some of them.

There are a lot of different ways to find your favourite book. You can search for the audiobook title or look for a specific age group like children or teens or young adults. It has a lot of books, including the most recent ones, and it can read in a lot of different languages. The website is easy to use and safe to use.

Search for the books you need, and you’ll find each one is the best. The AudioBook Bay community can help you if you can’t find the audiobook you want. You can ask your question there and get an answer right away. If you have an audiobook and want to share it with other people, you can also put the seed on this site.

3. Audiobooks Cloud

Audiobooks Cloud

There are a lot of audiobooks on the cloud. Cloud works like AudioBook Bay. It has a lot of different types of audiobooks, like arts and entertainment, bios and memories, business, classics, fiction, health, history, music, religion, and more. It has a huge library of audiobooks, and hundreds of new files are added every day, making it even better.

Search for an audiobook on the search bar and it will show you all the books that are available. It will also show you links to the videos you need on Google Drive, so you can download the book right away, or you can just read it online.

4. My Anonamouse

My Anonamouse

For Ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, music tutorials, and more, MyAnonamouse is one of the best places to just go. Is has a huge torrent of more than 60000 files in 20 different general categories It’s easy to find the book you need or the ones you like by just looking around on the site.

When you use it as a private ebook and audiobook community, it’s very easy to use. It has more than 43,000 registered users, so it’s a great private tracker as long as you follow the rules.

A site called My Anonamouse also lists the seeds for popular comic audiobooks, magazines for kids of all ages to read and educational materials. As we said above, it is a private community, and for the most part, signups were not allowed. You could always apply for an invite at a certain time on the page.

5. Bibliotik


Bibliotik is one of the best audiobook torrenting sites on the internet because it gives you access to a huge library of Retail Ebooks and Audiobooks. Is Bibliotik the same as Myanoanmouse? Then there are Ebooks and Audiobooks, but there is also a category for comics, books (fiction and non-fiction) and journals.

Bibliotik hasn’t had any open signups since it was made public. Invites are also very rare. In this case, they have very strict rules about what you can upload and how good it should be. There are a lot of good things that you can do with Myanoanmouse. You should become a Power user, join their PU forum, and then ask for an invite to join. In order to stay alive after you join, you’ll have to upload things that people can see. There is no ratio after you have 100 uploads, so there is no need for that.

6. Abtorrents

There is another good site that is similar to MyAnonamouse. Abtorrents is one of them. It has a huge torrent index with more than 65000 seeds in it. As far as I know, this is one of the largest torrent sites for audiobooks.

An audiobook site called Abtorrents is where you can find all kinds of audiobooks. If you want to find hard to find audiobooks, this site has a lot of them. You can also find them on other sites. If you need the most latest audiobook, you can find it here.

It also has a very active community, like Audiobook Bay. You can ask for the books you need in the “Requests” section and get a quick answer from the community.

In order to use a personal torrent site for audiobooks, you must get an invitation from the site. You can then download audiobooks from the site and listen to them. But you can buy your own invites. Also, Abtorrents always has a unique open for Limited Signup on Reddit, so keep an eye out for that group there as well.

7. Rutracker


Rutracker is a Russian torrent site that has a lot of great things, including audiobooks. The first issue with this site is that it’s in Russian. However, the layout is simple to use if you’ve used other torrent sites before. Another reason to love this site is that it has the best collection of audiobook torrents. These are the top 10 free torrent sites for audiobooks, in that order.

Open any of them to get audiobooks. If you sometimes listen to Audible audiobooks, you might want to play them on your MP3 player so you can listen to them on the go. Audible has encoded specific AA/AAX in audiobooks and has applied for DRM copyright protection in them to keep them from being played without approval. As long as you have Epubor Audible Converter, you can get rid of the DRM on Aubile books and convert them to MP3 without a lot of work. There are a number of different things you can listen to and share them with your friends.

8. RARBG – Best for New Content

There are thousands of high-quality and high-resolution torrents on RARBG, which has been around since 2008. There are also a lot of audiobook torrents. RARBG doesn’t have a separate section for audiobooks like The Pirate Bay. Users can also search for the title of the book and get all the seeds for that book. You can even get recently released audiobook torrents on this site, as well.

RARBG has a lot of different torrents, but it also has faster internet and more time to download them. It will show users the seed’s important information, like how big the file is, when it was added, and so on, on this site.

9. LimeTorrents

A clean, easy-to-use interface LimeTorrents doesn’t need to be explained. It’s used by a lot of people around the world and is known for having a lot of torrents audio books and being easy to use. It costs about 10 million active torrents and has a lot of audiobooks.

On this site, it’s very easy to find the audiobook seeds you need. It has broken down the content into TV shows, movies, music, games, apps, anime, books, and more.

When you download something like that on LimeTorrent, you can expect to get it quickly, and it is very safe to use. As soon as you find a healthy torrent, you can quickly find it because the page will show a health metre for each file with other information. It’s also a few of the sites that don’t inundate you with pornographic and adult articles.

10. 1337x

Another good site for having to download audiobooks is 1337x. This site is well-designed and has a lot of torrents that you can download, like audiobooks, ebooks, movies, shows, games, music, software, and more. 1337x is mostly full of newer content, so if you need a new audiobook, you can try searching on this site to see if you can find one.

In overall, 1337x’s torrents are well-seeded, which means that the download speeds on 1337x are often faster than on sites with weak trackers. If you want to find the most popular torrents for the day or the week, 1337x has a “trending” section on its main page. This is where you can find popular torrents for the past few days or weeks.



It’s a movie search engine like Torrdroid, but Zooqle helps you find big torrent files like that one. Here, you can download movies and songs in high definition for free. You can also get eBooks and audiobooks from this site. Zooqle used to be called Bitsnoop.

If you want to download an audiobook, you have to sign up for an account first. But it’s free to sign up, and after you sign up, the Magnet links become active. You can then copy it into your torrent client. It will start to download from there.

12. Torlock


In this list, TorLock is at the top because it has more than 6 million verified torrents and a section for audiobooks, which helped it. In our review, it has a lot more audiobook torrents than most of the other services we looked at.

Torrents are organised into different categories like movies, TV shows, games, music, software and more. The home page of Torlock has a list of the most popular torrents in each category. So, just click on “Audiobooks,” and you can quickly sort all torrents by date and other things like size and seeds, peers, health, and so on.

Best thing about Torlock is what it calls “No Fake Torrents,” which is what it calls itself. It focuses on giving you torrents that are safe from viruses or malware. If you find a fake torrent on the site, the site says it has more than 5 million verified ones and will pay you $1 for each one that you find.


To help you find the best torrent sites, I’m going to show you 12 of them today. Please choose your new favourite site from the list above and enjoy free HD movies, songs, eBooks.

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