Top 10 Best Mac Data Recovery Software in 2023

Data is the most important thing on any smart device. The data stored in your Mac is as vital as your device. Though all the offline stored data will be held on the Trash folder, it is great to have a data recovery software installed on your Mac. These kinds of software will retrieve any lost data on your Mac. However, not all the data recovery software will work as they promised. A lot of duplicate apps are also possible on the internet. To make your choice more comfortable, we have picked the list of the best data recovery software for Mac PC and laptops.

Best Mac Data Recovery Software in 2023


Best Recovery Software for Mac

PhotoRec is one of the most straightforward data recovery application for Mac. This tool will recover files like photos, videos, documents, and files from hard disks. It is an excellent data recovery software for Mac if you want to recover missed photos. Though it can recover other media files, it is widely used to recover pictures alone as it was a quicker and easier tool to use. PhotoRec will look at only the files which have read-only access. Apart from Mac, it is additionally free for Windows and Linux. PhotoRec will recover formatted folders that are missed during FAT, NFTS, HFS+, and exFAT formatting.

PhotoRec is free for available.

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Disk Drill

Recovery Software for Mac

Disk Drill is the most used data recovery tool in Mac systems. It will recover all types of files, including documents, information, media files, and folders. Disk Drill can recover files from external devices like hard disk, pen drive, digital camera, and SD card. It can also look for removed ZIP and RAR files. It is one of the most reliable data recovery tools for Mac devices. The best thing about Disk Drill is that it will display the file’s preview before recovering it.

It has both free and paid versions. The paid version price starts at $100.

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Recovery Software for Mac

Recoverit is developed and maintained by Wondershare. Wondershare is one of the prominent names in the software industry. With Recoverit, you can recover files like photos, videos, documents, and emails. Recoverit has the most advanced algorithm to do a fast and deep scan for the removed files. It is one of the fastest data recovery software for Mac. Like Disk Drill, you will get to see the preview of the file you will restore. You can filter your scanning to a specific type of folder, which will make the scanning method more comfortable.

You can download the basic version for free. The Pro version subscription starts from $79.95 per year.

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TechTool is developed and maintained by Micromat. The latest version of TechTool (TechTool 12) is compatible with the macOS 10.15, Catalina. With the SMART Check help, you can recover files from USB devices with-out any hustle. TechTool has many customizable options like group recovery, individual recovery, full scan, quick scan, and much more. TechTool has the TechTool Protection feature, which will store all the Trash data. Hence it will be easier to restore. Apart from recovering data, it also performs drive testing and makes necessary adjustments in the driver settings.

It price $129.99 per user. If you are a TechTool 11, you can upgrade to the new version for $29.99.

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data recovery tool for Mac

R-Studio is a modern-day data recovery tool for Mac. With R-Studio, you can recover files from any formatting techniques and recover all types of files. R-Studio will directly access the system’s disk even when Apple’s built-in protection is enabled to recovery files. You can recover files that are lost by virus or malware threats. It is one of the best malware software for Mac systems. The tool will copy the entire Mac’s memory and part them into other disks. So, when you delete a file or part of your hard drive is damaged, you can quickly recover all the files. It is one of the most reliable recovery software.

The price starts at $79.99.

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Data Rescue

Recovery Software

Data Rescue is the best-advanced data recovery software for Mac. Prosoft Engineering Inc. develops the software. It is right suited for personal use and business use. When you do a full scan, it will show you the results where you can locate the recovery files. Data Rescue will create a clone space of your hard drive to make sure that everything is protected. When you remove a file accidentally, you can quickly retrieve it from the clone space. With Date Rescue, you can create a recovery drive or bootable disk to recover files from your startup disk safely.

The price starts at $99.

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best data recovery tools for Mac PCs

MiniTool is one of the best data recovery tools for Mac PCs. It offers many Mac products like data recovery, partition manager, media toolkit, and more. Among that data recovery tool is the new development by MiniTool. Though it is new software, it will have all the essential features you need. MiniTool Power Data Recovery can recover any digital media file with ease. It also helps HDD, SSD, USB, and different external devices. Like R-Studio, it can recover virus attacked file too.

It has both free and paid versions. The paid version price starts from $69.

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recovery software for Mac

The Softtote tool is the most used recovery software for Mac, as it is more reliable and faster. With Softtote, you can recover lost files; formatted files accidentally removed files and partition files. It has the built-in feature to scan for specific files. If you want to recover photos, you can use the Photo Recovery wizard, and for videos. You can also use particular wizards to make the method easier.

It price $82.59 for one Mac PC.

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Best Data Recovery Software

Stellar is one of the most-used recovery tools in the world. It has a user base of more than three million, and it is one of the oldest recovery tools free for Mac. Stellar is not recommended for personal use as it is more suited for business applications. Like most of the recovery tool, you can recover files, folders, documents, and any digital media files. You can additionally recover files from HDD, SSD, and external USB drives.

The cost starts at $99.00.

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data recovery tool

EaseUS is an all-round data recovery tool for Mac. Though EaseUS is famous for its partition software, it also has a useful data recovery tool. It has all the standard features that you need to recover files. It supports the new macOS 10.15. EaseUS will recover files from deleting, partition loss, formatting, system crash, virus attack, any unmounted drive, and hard drive damaged files. The highlighting feature in EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is the ability to store backup data from iTunes.

The subscription cost starts from $89.95 per month.

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These are the best recovery software that is free for Mac. Use any one of the recovery software on your Mac and retrieve the missed data. Our editorial team carefully picks all the software mentioned above to ensure good working and functionality. Comment your favourite recovery application in the comments section.

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