Top 10 Best Data Recovery Software for iPhone in 2023

Data stored in the smart devices are always involved. If any mechanical damage happens, all the data stored in the device will be hard to recover. Due to this, the most maximum of the smart devices has a cloud backup feature. With that, you can store your important data and access them via the internet. However, what to do if you can’t access the important data stored on your iPhone. Apple devices are known for their robust configuration. If you have found yourself in that situation, try the best data recovery software for iPhone mentioned in this article to get your data.

10 Best Data Recovery Software for iPhone 2023

1. Syncios

Cost: Free & Premium ($44.95/lifetime)

Syncios is a famous data recovery software for iPhone. With Syncios, you can backup and restore messages, call logs, media files, contacts, applications, and more. You can additionally import media files from Computer to the iPhone. Syncios has some advanced features like built-in audio and video converter to convert media files into iOS supported format. Syncios software is free for both Windows and Mac platforms. It is also one of the best data recovery tools for Android mobile smartphones.

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2. iCloud

Cost: Free (5GB) & Premium (50GB – $0.99/mo, 200GB – $2.99/mo, 2TB – $9.99/mo)

iCloud is the best data recovery software for iPhone and iPad. With your Apple ID, you can access all the media files, contact detail, notes, reminders, and everything stored on your iPhone. You can even find your lost iPhone using iCloud. The app is free for both Windows and Mac. You can also access iCloud with the help of a web browser. The data stored in the iCloud can be quickly downloaded. With iCloud, you can’t lose a single file that is stored on your iPhone. Without the Apple ID, you can’t access the iCloud account.

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3. Secure Data Recovery

Cost: The amount will vary following the price of data you want to recover.

Secure Data Recovery has services for all types of smart devices. With Secure Data Recovery for iPhone, you can recover files from iPhone’s that are damaged for several reasons like Fire damage, logic board failure, and more. You can retrieve information like contacts, call history, media files, messages, notes, data in iOS applications, and installed apps. It is not a software or tool; Secure Data Recovery is a client service portal.

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4. EaseUS MobiSaver

Cost: Free & Premium ($59.95/lifetime)

EaseUS is an all-round data recovery software for you. It has a specific data recovery tool for Windows, Mac, and iPhone’s. The iPhone data recovery tool is free for Windows and Mac. With the ​EaseUS Mobisaver, you can recover information like contacts, messages, media files, and different data stored on your iPhone. It has three data recovery modes – From iOS device, From iTunes, and iCloud. You can select anyone from the three, and the tool will restore all the detail quickly.

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5. iMobie

Cost: $49.99 with a 60-day money-back guarantee

iMobie is one of the most used data recovery software. Like the FoneLab, iMobie also has five other data recovery tools: iPhone Manager, iPhone Unlocker, iOS Data Recovery, iOS System Recovery, and iPhone Cleaner. If you decided to backup and restore data, you can choose either iOS Data Recovery or iOS System Recovery. The different three are managing tools. iMobie is one of the quickest recovery tools for the iPhone. With iMovie, you can retrieve removed data, delete the lock screen, and recover screen time & restrictions.

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6. FoneLab

Cost: $31.96/lifetime

There are four types of data recovery tools available on the FoneLab. iPhone Data Recovery, iOS System Recovery, iOS Data Backup & Restore, and iPhone Data Transfer. Based on your requirements, you can choose the way that you want and recover your data. All four tools are free for both Windows and Mac PCs. With the FoneLab, you can restore information like messages, contacts, voice memos, media files, and up to 19 types of data and information from your iPhone.

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7. DriveSavers

Cost: It will vary with iPhone models.

In DriveSavers, you can restore data from devices like hard disk, MacBook, iPhone, SSD drives, and different similar smart devices. With DriveSavers, you can restore the data stored on your iPhone without the iCloud or iTunes backup. You can recover detail like media files, notes, contact information, call logs, voice recordings, and any file stored on your iPhone. DriveSavers can recover data from iPhones damaged due to mechanical damage, water damage, and fire damage.

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8. SalvageData Recovery

Cost: The amount will vary following the price of data you want to recover.

SalvageData Recovery is similar to Secure Data Recovery Services. It is a customer service based forum where you can contact the officials to recover the lost data. The service centres are available in 40+ locations across North America. They can recover files lost due to mechanical failures, virus attacks, human mistakes, and software issue. SalvageData Recovery was founded in 2003. It is one of the data recovery services for the iPhone and different smart devices.

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9. Tenorshare UltData

Cost: $59.95/lifetime

Tenorshare UltData is one of the powerful data recovery tools for iPhone’s. With the Tenorshare UltData, you can recover data from iOS devices and the iTunes account. The software can recover files like media files, notes, voice memos, contacts, and different 30+ file types. You can additionally recover texts from social media platforms like WhatsApp, Viber, Kik, and LINE. There are two modes of data recovery: Recover from iPhone, and Recover from iTunes account. Like Stellar Data Recovery, Tenorshare UltData can restore data from jailbreak iPhone’s.

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10. Stellar Data Recovery

Cost: $39.99/lifetime

Stellar Data Recovery is a famous data recovery software in the smartphone market. It has software for both individual and business purposes. With the Stellar iPhone Data Recovery software, you can recover detail like removed photos & videos, texts, contacts, emails, and more. The software will help all the recent iOS versions, including iOS 13. The Stellar Data Recovery tool is one of the most straightforward tools to use. The icons and features in the device are simple to navigate, and you can even recover data from some jailbreak iPhones.

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Last Word

These are the top 10 best data recovery software that you can use to recover lost or removed iPhone and iPad data. Use any one of the tools to get back your lost data and store them in a hard disk or cloud account for future access. Mention your favourite data recovery software for iPhone in the comments section.

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