25 Best AnimeFreak Alternatives to Watch Free HD Animes Online

The most popular website for Animes In 2022 is Animefreak. Some users wrote it as anime freakz or anime freaks, anime freak, anime freak tv, or

From the anime freak website, you can watch Free Subbed and Dubbed Animes online, which are watched by thousands or millions of people every day.

If you are a big fan of cartoon series, www animefreak tv is the best place to watch them online. Not only can you watch them for free, but you can also download them for free.

It’s a smartphone site with a responsive design. From the top right, the menu bar is there, and if you go to the left, you can Login, Register, and see the animefreaks logo.

Its Menu has choices like “ongoing,” “Fall 2020,” “Anime list,” “Browse by Genre,” “Look,” “Latest Episodes,” “Recent Anime,” and “Famous Anime.”

On the main website of the anime freak tv official site, the left side shows “Latest Updates” and “New Animes 2022.” Ongoing Animes list and contact information for anime freak tv is in the footer of the site. There is a fast menu option, and the footer menu has anime freak, Anime list, ongoing browse by Genre, Search, Latest Episodes, Latest Anime and popular Anime, FAQ, Legal Disclaimer, Privacy, FAQ’s, and some ads.

If you’re a fan of cartoon videos and TV shows and want to watch more videos and shows from multiple sites in 2022, there are a number of animefreak alternatives. With these alternative solutions, users can get the same experience and live feed more videos and shows for free. Here are the best animefreak alternatives for 20202.

If none of the other alternatives work, you can use VPN networks to get to any homepage you want. We think you should use Nord VPN. By clicking this link, you can get it for free.

25 Best AnimeFreak Alternatives to Watch Free HD Animes Online

If you enjoy anime and want to see more of it, there are a number of alternatives to AnimeFreak com. Users can create their own experience and collections of videos, as well as broadcast them for free. Here are some of the best websites like AnimeFreak,tv

1. Chia-Anime

Do not be fooled by its outdated design. Chia-Anime is one of the more extensive sources for anime and Asian drama animefreak .tv. The bulk of anime and dorama episodes on Chia-Anime are available in MP4 video file format, which can be viewed on practically any smart device, TV, or computer game console.

Chia-Anime is a vibrant Facebook website where users can submit requests, provide feedback, and learn about new shows that have recently been uploaded to the website. When you visit Chia-Anime, you’ll notice that the URL address is unusual. It says “ww2” instead of “www.” The “ww2” in the URL address shows that Chia-Anime is hosted on a larger server farm, and Chia-Anime administrators make no attempt to hide this fact.

2. is probably well-known among anime fans. Yes, this is a simple site that delightfully surprises visitors with a big volume of info. If you keep looking, you will uncover more and more fantastic anime shows. has both dubbed and subbed anime, which is a fantastic site. New episodes can be added at any time without notice. Furthermore, this system gives you several streams for each anime on the site, allowing you to watch anime without having and go to another mid-season cartoon streaming site. Isn’t this a fantastic site to consider?

3. AnimeOwl

Another alternative for watching anime online from Best AnimeFreak. AnimeOwl is one of the most appealingly designed anime websites on this list, making watching movies on the site a pleasurable experience. It is, however, much more than a fashionable design. This anime website has a big range of videos that are updated on a regular basis and can be viewed in high HD.

The site provides a varied selection of series, including TV shows, OVAs, ONAs, movies, and Specials. An alphabetically organised A-Z anime list provides a breakdown of content. There are a variety of genres to choose from as well. You may also read light novels online at Anime Owl, which has a big library.

4. Anime Kisa

Next up is Anime Kisa. It is one of the most top anime sites for free video viewing. The best part is that there are no advertising on the website — a greeting banner on the home page ensures that this will remain a permanent feature. Anime Kisa has a huge range of anime episodes and movies, with over a thousand titles. And it’s only growing as new episodes are added on a daily basis.

Anime Kisa has an advantage over many other free anime sites because to its user interface. It is well-designed and intuitive to use. Two tabs on the main website let you switch between Dubbed and Subbed anime videos. There are several genre categories to pick from, and a powerful search function.

You have the option of choosing your anime’s video source. You can download anime from the animefreak tv website in a variety of video quality levels if you want to view it offline.

5. Animeheaven

Another free anime streaming website animefreak tv safe,, allows you to watch and download anime series without restriction. The site has over 3500 titles and is regularly updated with new ones. Each anime series on the platform has a brief synopsis that provides background info about the characters.

It has a comments page where you may discuss anime-related topics with other viewers. It, like other comparison websites, has a variety of genres, such as Action, Adventure, Horror, Romance, and SuperPower, among others.


Do you watch anime on sites other than Never overlook Nyaa Torrent sites as an alternate source of anime. Along with anime and Japanese TV series, software, music, and games, it is the best public torrent tracker. The majority of the anime on this site is in Japanese, but there is also a separate area for subbed anime.

If you wish to use Nyaa Torrent sites to download anime, you’ll need a torrent client. In this scenario, we recommend Bittorent because of its ease of use and compatibility with all operating systems. Nyaa Torrents is thus an anime source that is compatible with all OS systems. This allows you to utilise the site in a variety of ways, regardless of the operating system on your desktop or mobile device.

7. AnimeFrenzy

If you’re one of those obsessive anime fans who can’t get enough of the stuff, then becoming a die-hard AnimeFrenzy fan seems acceptable. If Movies123 and Putlocker are known for their free movies and TV sites, Anime Frenzy, animeultima, is their anime version.

Unfortunately, the website continues to be disruptive and goes down on a frequent basis, leaving you astonished and frustrated in the middle of an Anime Serial. Here are the Top 10 AnimeFrenzy like Websites to Try in 2020.

If you search for Anime Frenzy on Google, you’ll see a note at the bottom of the page describing how many relevant results were removed. This occurs when individual sites do not adhere to Google’s criteria or have broken the law. Sites that are involved in the illegal spread of information that directly impacts the content creators’ interests.

Anime Frenzy belongs to the same category, and it deals with the same issues of restricted websites and changing domains. Genuine followers, on the other hand, know what to do to stay up to date. AnimeFrenzy Reddit keeps loyal fans up to website on shows like AnimeFrenzy Naruto, despite the fact that there is no AnimeFrenzy app.

Any new episode of AnimeFrenzy Naruto is shared on the AnimeFrenzy Reddit community as soon as it is released on the site for fans to enjoy. Although the website is regularly taken down, and the blocked intervals might be rather long, there are other ways to upgrade the anime series you’re watching.

8. Animelab is one of the greatest sites to watch anime hits and fast-tracked simulcast series from Japan in high definition. It includes a tonne of free episodes to go through, and new series are uploaded every week. All of the content on the website is divided into categories such as Popular Reveals, New Series, and Categories, among others. AnimeFreak Alternatives are also included in each category.

It is not mandatory to enter to enjoy the streaming, but if you want to stay up to date on the latest news, you must subscribe by providing the right e-mail address. Dragon Ball Super, Blue Exorcist, Gangsta, Sword Art Online, and a slew of additional titles are available on the sites.

9. KissAnime is one of the best sites for streaming high-quality Dubbed anime for free. The app is designed for banners who want to watch new anime series every day. It claims to have one of the largest libraries of anime films, which it updates everyday with hundreds of new movies in order to give the most up-to-date and fashionable content.

All of the series on this website fall into a variety of genres, including Action, Romance, Science Fiction, and Detective, among others. Each subcategory has its own anime series that you may watch and explore at your leisure. It also has an advanced search bar, similar to other streaming services, where you can type in the name of an anime, a tag, or any other related word and hit the search button. It will show you all of the related results, which you can quickly select and open in a matter of seconds.

10. GoGoanime is a popular anime streaming site with a large database. It is completely free and simple to use, allowing you to enjoy infinite streaming without being disturbed by advertisements. The website has millions of users from all over the world who can enjoy the latest anime series through fast streaming.

All of the anime series on the site are divided into different categories such Anime List, New Season, Films, and Popular. Each category also has a variety of options. The content on the site is updated on a regular basis in order to deliver more and more latest content.

11. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is one of the best and most popular anime sites, similar to AnimeFreak. One reason is that the site provides English dubbing/subtitles, which aid non-native speakers in understanding the plot. Aside from that, the tool’s videos are still 720p high-definition for a pleasant viewing experience. However, in order to realize the full the website, you must first create an account by linking an active email address.

Wii U, Chromecast, Xbox 360, Ps Vita, PlayStation 3 & 4, Apple Products, Roku box, Windows, and Android phones can all visit this site. It is also equivalent to the following languages: English (US and UK), Espaol, Português (Brazil and Portugal), Français (France), Deutsch, Italiano, and Ukrainian. You may describe anime videos on Crunchyroll if you want to save them.

Crunchyroll is without a doubt one of the top AnimeFreak alternatives; from anime and manga to dorama (Japanese TV drama), it offers all you need to make your free time worthwhile.

12. DubbedAnime

DubbedAnime is a webpage platform dedicated to those who want to watch dubbed and subbed anime series. It’s similar to AnimeFreak in that it utilises all of the key services and has a user-friendly design that makes your streaming experience more interesting and entertaining. It’s one of the top anime streaming sites because it has both old-school videos and new anime episodes.

The site has a massive collection of the top anime series from across the world, organised into categories like Action, Adventure, Horror, Love, and more. Each group has its own set of titles that you can explore and open at your leisure. To make your anime watching experience more interesting, DubbedAnime also provides detailed character descriptions and allows you to simply follow each of its characters.

13. Cartoon Crazy

Animation Crazy is a web-based animefreak app that allows you to watch full-length anime movies and cartoons whenever and wherever you want. The site is designed specifically for anime fans and provides access to a large database that is updated on a daily basis with new movies and cartoon series.

There are various categories in all of the animation series and anime films. Each category has its own set of titles to choose from and play. You can also organise claims by genres and years to make the experience more interesting. The most fascinating aspect of this site is that it employs Anime Called Motion Pictures in a variety of languages.

14. Funimation

Funimation has a database of over 10,000 anime episodes and movies that is continuously updated with new content animefreak us.

One of the most important anime producers in North America is the anime tv series. It now controls the rights to a slew of popular TV shows, including Hunter x Hunter, Black Clover, My Hero Academia, One Piece, Dragon Ball, Assassination Classroom, Attack on Titan, and a slew of others.

Only the United States and a few other countries have access to the animes offered on Funimation. You’ll need to use a VPN service like ExpressVPN to access it from other regions of the world.

Funimation is more than just an anime streaming service. This website provides fans with the most up-to-date news and information about anime games, manga, new and popular anime series, movies, apparel, collectibles, and much more.

Although you can watch anime for free on this website, premium subscriptions are available for a more immersive experience. If you’re willing to put up with commercials, you can get a lot of free items. The website’s videos are available in a number of resolutions, ranging from 480p to 1080p.


Another free anime streaming website,, allows you to watch and animefreak download anime series without restriction. The site has over 3500 titles and is regularly updated with new ones. Each anime series on the platform has a brief synopsis that provides background information about the characters.

It has a comment section where you may discuss anime-related topics with other viewers. It, like some other comparison sites, has a variety of genres, such as Action, Action, Horror, Romance, and SuperPower, among others.

16. 9Anime

9Anime is one of the most simple and customer AnimeFreak alternatives. While it doesn’t offer quite as many shows as some other websites, the ones it does have are all of excellent quality and available from a variety of sources. We haven’t found any English-language shows. Subtitles, on the other hand, are included by default with every show, so there’s no need to look for them on the internet.

We’re missing the exact categories that the group presents by their category, in addition to the English call; what 9Anime calls categories are merely collections of individual episodes. The site’s search feature, at the very least, works well, displaying a search results page as you submit your search phrase. 9Anime is a fantastic GoGoAnime option in general. But even so, it is unlikely to become your main anime source.

17. AnimeUltima

AnimeUltima provides a varied collection of anime from a variety of genres. You are not need to register in order to watch your favourite anime shows on AnimeUltima, but there are a number of compelling reasons to do so.

Signed-up users, for example, can receive notifications when new episodes are released and post comments on particular episodes. AnimeUltima also includes a Discord channel where you can discuss about all things anime and get recommendations from other AnimeUltima users.

18. Anime-Planet

In comparison to sites like AnimeFreak, Anime-Planet takes a different approach. Rather than violating copyright restrictions and offering as many series as possible, it focuses on legal and industry-supported anime that can be widely distributed thanks to its relationships with the anime sector. At the time of writing, 45,000 anime episodes were available for free on Anime-Planet.

Users who register can add anime to their libraries, have the site track their progress, and receive personalised suggestions. Thanks to its searchable and sortable labelled brochure, Anime-Planet makes it incredibly easy to find brand-new shows. You might, for example, offer only the most popular mystery anime from 2015 to 2017, or the most famous anime from a specific studio.

19. Hulu

One of the best locations to watch anime series and movies is on Hulu, one of the most popular streaming services in the world. Hulu is best known for its TV shows, movies, and original shows, but it also has a substantial anime library.

On this site, you may watch anime series such as One Piece, Dragon Ball Super, Assassination Classroom, My Hero Academia, and Attack on Titan. The majority of anime series have English dubbing. Anime films in this region, on the other hand, are more likely to be subtitled. Among them are Akira, K Missing Kings, Afro Samurai Resurrection, and Fairy Tail the Movie.

Hulu’s watching experience, as you might expect, exceeds the other anime sites on our list. Hulu has a variety of video quality options, including 720p, full HD, 4K Ultra HD, and 60 frames per second HD.

Hulu is not a free site, but current recruits can join up for a free trial to get a taste of everything it has to offer for up to 30 days. It’s also available on Google Play and the App Store as an app.

20. Animeland

Animeland is a place to watch dubbed anime without having to register. Naruto, One Piece, Sword Art Online, and a slew of other popular anime shows are all available on the website. You can see a list of all dubbed anime or use the search box in the top-right side of the display to look for a certain anime.

On the site, there is a chat widget that allowed users to converse about anime and propose great shows to one another. When a new series is posted to the site, it will be listed in the “New Added Animes” area at the bottom of the website, so you won’t miss out.

21. Masterani

Because of its top library of anime videos, user-friendly structure, and HD streaming content, Masterani is one of the most popular anime streaming platforms. There are thousands of anime titles, including series and movies, available here.

Visitors and loyal users do not have to wait for new episodes of their favourite anime series because the anime website is updated on a regular basis. Movies, on the other hand, do not receive the same attention; you will notice a lot of old films here. On the plus side, it’s now one of the best anime websites for watching classic movies.

Masterani has a black complexion and a modern appearance. The videos are sorted into groups based on their genre. A good search engine returns results that include phrases that are similar to your search query. A pop-up chat box is also available for site visitors to discuss their favourites.

22. NaurtoGet

Another alternative for watching anime online from Best AnimeFreak. NarutoGet, as the name implies, is an anime website dedicated to fans of Naruto. It is one of the most top destinations for Naruto lovers. The website features the Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, and Boruto anime series, as well as Naruto movies and comics. Naruto-themed typefaces are also available for download.

All Naruto Shippuden and Boruto videos, both subtitled and dubbed, are available here. You can choose from a range of video sources, and the playback is flawless. Each video player provides download links, which you may use to save the videos for offline reference. NarutoGet provides normal definition, HD, and Full HD video quality options.

23. CONtv

Another option for watching anime online from Best AnimeFreak. If you appreciate comic books, you will definitely enjoy CONtv. This streaming service caters to members of the Comic-Con community, providing them with exclusive content as well as admission to conventions across the country.

CONtv has a diverse selection of videos in its library. Horror, supernatural, action, and horror are among the genres represented in films and television shows. More importantly, the website offers a large selection of anime to watch for free.

Aside from this, CONtv gives users access to behind-the-scenes film, interviews, chats, reviews, as well as other Comic-Con content. It comes in both a free and a paid version.

24. Kuroani

Are you looking for sites similar to Kuroani is the only anime source that includes all of the necessary features and extras to allow you to watch anime videos with subtitles and English dubbing. When you want to know the description of each film, a brief description is also a great option to chose.

There is also a separate area where you can view cartoons. Kuroani is the best place to visit and stay if your children enjoy anime and cartoons.

25. viz.COM

If you’re looking for sites similar to, I suggest viz.COM. Regardless of the fact that some internet providers ban this site, you must use a VPN to access it. You may watch the most recent anime, such as Boruto, Pokemon, Bleach, Inuyasha, and many other titles from the past to the present.

Frequently Asked Questions on AnimeFreak

How can I use AnimeFreak to watch anime?

The streaming part of the AnimeFreak website is unique. After you’ve decided on your favourite anime series, you’ll need to pick one of its series. You should be able to stream in peace after that.

Is AnimeFreak legal?

No, the site is illegal since it violates on a number of copyright rules.

Is AnimeFreak safe?

AnimeFreak ws is clearly besieged with spammy and fraudulent ads. As a result, you won’t be able to access the site unless you disable these ads.

Why AnimeFreak is not working?

If the website isn’t operating in your region, it’s because your city authority has blocked it. To access the site in that case, you’ll need to employ a Vpn connection.

Final Words: AnimeFreak Alternatives

The majority of the people enjoy watching anime. You may watch anime for free on the platforms mentioned above, such as www animefreak com.

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