Top 15 Best Anime Torrent Sites In 2021

This article explains anime torrent sites. If you are an anime supporter, you know that it’s a sin not overtaking your preferred series’s current episode. However, not all anime have made it to traditional streaming services. To get your daily dose of anime, you will need to rely on the torrenting websites frequented by anime fans. In this article, we will talk about Anime Torrent Sites– The Best Sites in 2021. Let’s start!

Top 15 Best Anime Torrent Sites In 2021

In this article, you can learn about anime torrent sites. Here are the details below;

Before we divulge our favorite list of the best anime torrent sites, let’s dive deeper into what the hype on anime is all about. Possibilities are, you are captivated by the bald, routine-looking Saitama in the famous One-Punch Man on Hulu. And you’re questioning if there are more similar-themed anime to please your hunger.

These anime gush sites are entirely blocked in many powerful nations and areas like Saudi Arabia, India, Denmark, Portugal, the United Kingdom, and Morroco. Well, you can use the VPN services for accessing anime torrent sites in these regions. You can confirm our list of the very best VPNs for top 10 torrenting.

15 Anime Torrent Sites

1. 1337X

1337X anime torrent site

1337X is another famous anime torrent site that has acquired tremendous appeal in recent years. This gush site has been around for quite a while and has a rich collection of anime titles. It has a crisp user interface that quickly looks for your favorite anime or browses from the anime icons.

This famous anime torrent site has a clean and easy-to-navigate UI that makes browsing and exploring content a breeze. 1337X has a dedicated area for anime. Aside from anime, you can even download different content types 1337X.

1337X shows are popular today, popular this week, trending this week, and top 100 this month anime series. In general, it’s the best anime torrent site that will impress every anime lover.

2. Animetosho


The first best anime torrent site on the list is Animetosho. Using Animetosho you can easily download a few of the most famous anime series. There’s nothing fancy about AnimeTosho. But, a list of the most recent offered anime gush files to take a look at. The website has an active area of users, and this indicates no shortage of seeders. Anticipate decent download time with AnimeTosho. You can also check Animeultima Alternatives

A bulk of gushes on Animetoscho are verified. Animetosho has a basic and easy-to-browse UI, and this anime gush site also shows the new anime material on its homepage. As for the disadvantages, it isn’t easy to find English called anime shows on the platform. In general, Animetosho is a dependable anime gush site.

3. Torlock


The following best anime torrent website on the list is Torlock. Similar to 1337X, Torlock also has a devoted area for anime shows. Torlock is among the very few sites that only note confirmed gushes.

Torlock shows the size and submits time for every anime on the platform. When it gets to downsides, ads on Torlock might irritate some users. Also review CartoonCrazy Alternatives

4. Anime Door

Anime Door

Anime Door site is essentially a door for a person to have access to a lot of animes. On this site, one can see different anime finally free from its sections categorised for other preferences of customers, such as Most recent anime, famous Anime Torrent Sites, Oldest Anime, and even you see Anime Movies right here. All you require is to jump over to your wanted anime section/category and pick your favourite anime to stream immediately.

5. Anime Ultime

Anime Ultime

Anime Ultime is a simple anime torrent site that has an extensive collection of some unique anime series. This dependable anime gush site shows the date, title, episode title, type, and uploader name.

This gush website is a testament to how the French love their anime. If the language is not a barrier for you, you’ll enjoy getting in touch with an active community on the website. Or you can start downloading from the variety of anime titles offered. Here you can also check Sites Like AnimeDao

When it comes to downsides, the typeface on Anime Ultime is way too small, and you may require to zoom the webpage to read it correctly.

6. Anime Layer

Anime Layer

Anime Layer is among the very best anime torrenting websites. The major highlight of Anime Layer is its aesthetically excellent and tidy UI.

Unless you’re fluent in Russian, you will require to auto-translate this torrent site. AnimeLayer is a beautifully presented Russian gush website with comprehensive descriptions and info on each name. It also has a panel where you can connect with similar anime fans.

Anime Layer displays comprehensive detail like country, type, category, release date, description, resolution, size, and literally whatever you need to know before downloading anime. In addition to those functions, Anime Layer also has a powerful Forum where users can connect with similar Anime Fans. Check over other articles like Crunchyroll Alternatives

7. AnimeTorrents


There are several things we need to point out about AnimeTorrents upfront. Aside from being one of the very best anime torrent anime sites, this website updates its content and functions practically continuously. There’s hardly an anime site out there that’s much better in terms of the freshness of the material. In addition to that, AnimeTorrents include healthy anime torrents. So, to put it simply, they have an excellent variety of seeders and peers.

The website likewise has a forum to talk with other users and is simple to use. The only issue is, like BakaBT, it’s mainly a personal gush tracker. You’ll need to register with the site to begin downloading material. To start, simply go to the site and register for an account. Once you sign up, start downloading a few of the best anime TV shows and the very best anime movies. Also check Chia-anime Alternatives

In terms of reputation, AnimeTorrents is considered an excellent anime gush site that offers healthy and premium anime TV series. Much like a few of the multiple websites we’ve discussed on this list, users can alter the website’s categorization and ranking of its content.

AnimeTorrents is similarly accomplished in dubbed and subbed anime torrent files. So feel free to download a few of the most famous anime TV series at your leisure.

8. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is among the oldest and most trustworthy gush websites for downloading anime torrents. This torrent anime site has a clutter-free UI, and you can only discover a search bar with some primary filters on the homepage. Searching, exploring, and downloading anime gushes from The Pirate Bay is relatively easy. You can also check another article like MangaStream Alternatives

9. Seedpeer


The next ideal website on the list for anime torrenting is Seedpeer. Well, Seedpeer also has a devoted area for animes. The clean and simple-to-navigate UI of Seedpeer makes it much more comfortable to search and check out anime series and movies on the platforms. Seedpeer displays the sizes and ages of every gush on the platform. Seedpeer is the renamed version of the famous decade-old gush site Meganova. You can also review another article Animefrenzy Alternatives

10. Watch Anime Online

Watch Anime Online

You should not miss this website as an alternative to Anime Torrent Sites. By the name itself, and it is evident that Watch Anime online is focused on users enjoying watching anime online. It has a lot of subbed animes and plenty of anime movies. You can also check another article like Sites like Justdubs

11. Horriblesubs


Horriblesubs is the following best site for downloading anime gushes. Unlike, other websites Horriblesubs allows users to select high video quality like SD, HD, and FHD. Unlike its name, the subbed anime titles download on HorribleSubs are pretty decent. It has a schedule where you can track upcoming episodes and a buzzing community to communicate with.

Horriblesubs offers a detailed description of anime on the platform. This popular gush anime site also has a release schedule for new episodes and series. This torrent anime website also hosts lots of free gifts based upon the upcoming festivals, so keep an eye on that. In general, Horriblesubs is simple to navigate site, and it will impress every anime fan. You can also read over best article animeflix alternatives

12. Otakustream


Is Otaakustream legit? If you seek to find a legitimate substitute to Anime Torrent, there can never be a better option than Otakustream. Besides ensuring you of improved safety, you will undoubtedly find out that it will certainly constantly supply you with a larger variety of programs. By doing this, you will undoubtedly be confident about getting worth for your time and resources in the future. You will also keep in mind that it has a trustworthy SSL accreditation. Furthermore, it prides itself on total traffic receipts. You can also review another article Masteranime Alternatives

13. Aniarena


AniArena screams anime with its background of vibrant Japanese cartoon characters. It is a torrent tracker website that draws in anime supporters around the globe. You can start downloading without registering for an account. AniRena is one of the top best anime torrenting websites. Unlike other websites, there’s no requirement to create an account to download anime torrent series and films from AniRena. Here you can also check KissAnime Alternatives

A majority of anime series on AniRena are readily available in the English language. That stated, there’s still a devoted section for non-English anime. Similar to other sites, Anirena shows the size and number of downloads for each anime torrent on the platform.

14. Animeseason


This is one of the top best Anime Torrent Sites alternatives that you can use to stream anime online. Anime Season offers you access to all the periods of animes. You can separate the listing of animes torrent by multiple categories such as activity, journey, funny, historic, drama, etc. This website also provides you access to its anime checklist, from where you can alphabetically access anime. Also check AnimeHeaven Alternatives

15. Anime Kaizoku

Anime Kaizoku

Anime kaizoku is a website where you can download anime fully free. If you are willing to download and install any particular anime, then you can use it’s search box; otherwise, browsing through it’s categories can be a much better choice. Each anime download page provides you with all the info regarding the anime with a short yet sufficient summary. It can be called as a further best alternatives to Anime Torrent Sites. You can also check Alternatives to 9Anime


Alright, That was all, Folks! I hope you like this article and discover it handy for you. Give us your feedback on it also if you men have further inquiries associated with this article. Then let us know in the comments area below. We will get back to you quickly. Also review Manga Panda Alternatives

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