Top 15 Best Alternatives to Rabbit – Websites like Rabbit TV

In this article, we’ve listed and explained 15 Rabbit alternatives to make it easier for you to choose the finest one. Alternatives to Rabbit (formerly known as TV) was a fantastic tool for organising social gatherings and watching movies and videos with friends. This allowed them to be dispersed while still watching the same shows.

Kast bought Rabbit last year, including the software stack, intellectual property, and patents. Rabbit TV had ceased to function in May, and nothing had forced it to do so. Its investors have recently pulled out. Initially, it was a web-based group chat programme with video streaming capabilities. now allows you to share anything that can be played in web browsers like Chrome or Opera. This app is currently closed, but don’t worry, there are a lot more similar apps like Rabbit.

Top 15 Best Alternatives to Rabbit – Websites like Rabbit TV

1. Metastream

Meta stream’s live synchronisation playback is noteworthy since it employs its own technology to give an enhanced streaming experience to a large number of viewers with little to no delay. In addition, it provides on-screen chat, easy user administration, and video queuing, similar to apps streaming sites like Rabbit.

In addition, the Meta stream works with practically every major streaming service, including Amazon, Netflix, and YouTube. However, it lacks the ability to broadcast or download media, and also audio and webcam functionality. Metastream is one of the greatest Rabbit alternatives, whether you like it or not.

2. Watch2gether

On Soundcloud, you may listen to music and watch live Twitch feeds. Unlike Rabbit, only users may search for and play videos. The main disadvantage is that you can’t log into third-party accounts, so you can’t watch Hulu or Netflix. You will, however, have access to a large library of free films on the company’s help website. It does not, however, have screen-sharing websites like

3. Kosmi

You can virtually hang out with your buddies on Kosmi. You don’t want to install anything or even register. You can rapidly build a room where you may talk and connect using your webcam. You can even share a browser tab or a screen and anything is happening there.

Kosmi, like Rabbit, allows you to watch synced Youtube and local video streaming providers like Rabbit. So, you may play NES and SNES emulators with your buddies, or Quake 3, Texas Holdem Poker, and other games. With a URL, anyone can join the room right away. Strangers can still ask to join your room.

4. Rave

Rave is a web-based media platform to also serve as a social media hub. It allows you to share the music and videos you’re listening to and watching with your pals. You can also send it to your mobile device. Rave is a Rabbit screen share rival that provides streaming services similar to Rabbit.

YouTube, Dropbox, Google Drive, Reddit, Vimeo, and Viki videos can all be shared. You may also use Dropbox to share videos and music. This app is compatible with practically all devices. Rave is compatible with Android and iOS cellphones as well as tablets.

5. Netflix Party

This Netflix Party is a Google Chrome browser plugin. Before you can begin sharing, you and your friends must first install the extension, log into Netflix, then choose a video to share.

Create a Netflix Party with the extension, and then invite your friends. You can also communicate in real time while watching videos. This plugin only works with Netflix and does not function with local videos or any other platform. This is a site similar to Rabbit in numerous ways, but it is not an app similar to Rabbit.

6. Twoseven

Twoseven is a video streaming and sharing website similar to Rabbit, with the added benefit of allowing you to talk with the users. It does not, however, offer live audio commentary, unlike Rabbit. Twoseven focuses on three primary features: a real-time experience with no latency, live webcam interactions, and maximum support for video streaming providers sites like Rabb it.

Hulu, Amazon, Netflix, YouTube, and a slew of more services are now supported by Twoseven. This programme also comes with a Chrome plugin that allows you to stream videos from any website. As a result, Twoseven is a dependable Rabbit option that allows for unrestricted streaming without interfering with your live viewing experience.


Up to this point, is the best acceptable Rabbit alternative. allows you to broadcast videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo together in real time.

You can now watch the videos directly on the website or share the URLs with others to watch them together. Emojis are supported in chat, however there is no webcam or audio capabilities. Overall, it’s a promising platform and a viable Rabbit replacement.

8. ShareTube

ShareTube is one of the best Rabbit alternatives since it allows you to instantly build a chat room and invite your relatives and friends. You may watch synchronized YouTube videos, use streaming services such as Rabbit, and make your own playlist. This is one of the easiest interfaces for creating and joining chat groups without having to create an account.

Although it only works with YouTube, you must provide the URL of the YouTube video to begin syncing. There’s also the option of having a group conversation. It doesn’t offer all of Rabbit’s capabilities, but it does provide a practical way to view videos with friends and family.

9. Animeparty

AnimeParty is a no-frills site to Rabbit, that is just dedicated to streaming and watching anime. You can now create a private area that you can share with your family and friends. This offers an anime library where you can choose from a variety of titles and begin viewing them straight away.

You may also use the group chat feature in this app, similar to does Rabbit TV works, to keep connected. Aside from that, it offers excellent sync playback and will not cause you any issues when streaming videos. Here’s an Anime-watching platform that’s similar to Rabbit.

10. Airtime

Airtime, like Rabbit, is a mobile application that works on both iOS and Android. You may share all of the stuff on your mobile device with your family and friends with Airtime, regardless of where they are. You can now listen to music and watch videos at the same time. Aside from that, you have the option of sending messages.

Airtime currently only works with the platforms that it supports. As a result, you can listen to Spotify music and watch YouTube videos. Airtime also allows you to play games and share GIFs. This is another lovely software similar to Rabbit.

11. Kast

We can’t forget about Kast’s acquisition of Rabbit, can we? Kast is a computer programme that runs on both Mac and Windows computers. Kast is set to be released for iOS mobile, and you can use it as an alternative to Rabbit in the browser.

Kast is now a complete app for talking, sharing supportive videos, texts, and sounds, among other things. Rabbit and other streaming services are also available. Even you can have over 100 people over for TV and movie parties. You may also play games with your pals and share your gaming experience in real time.

12. SyncLounge

SyncLounge is a good Rabbit alternative if you use Plex because it allows you to play synchronised media flawlessly. This platform isn’t a full replacement for Rabbit. Plex, on the other hand, provides a specialised co-watching app. It will allow you to connect to your Plex library and create a private room for you and your friends and family to watch movies.

Although SyncLounge does not use Plex to transmit data to many people, its synchronised playback is quite good. It’s similar to Rabbit in that it allows you to chat with other users. You may also make your video viewing experience social and participatory.

13. Parsec

Parsec is a game streaming app like Rabbit, except it also allows you to watch videos. It enables you to invite your friends and broadcast videos in real-time with them. Furthermore, you will not face any latency concerns when using Parsec. Your friends will be able to leave real-time comments on your videos, and you will be able to interact with them while watching them.

Other members cannot control the videos because it was not designed for video streaming. To compensate, it provides superior synchronised playback, which is Rabbit’s key benefit. So you can group chat as well, but it lacks a video or audio functionality and only allows for directional control. This is one of the better Rabbit alternatives.

14. Together TV

Through a web-based interface, you can observe synchronised video playback files while watching TV. This is one of the few alternatives to Rabbit that allows you to watch video from Netflix, Hulu, and other subscription-based streaming services.

Because this web-based programme can share a remote desktop screen from your browser, you no longer need to share your login credentials. You can ask the website to play random videos for you or directly stream video and music files. The nicest aspect about this Rabbit-like software is that you can have a free audio conversation with your friends on Together TV.

15. Synatop

Synatop, like Rabbit, is a web-based tool that allows you to watch films with your family and friends over a remote connection. It is free to use Synatop with other alternatives, but you must first register an account. After you’ve created your account, you’ll be able to add apps to it. You may view movies, listen to music, play games, and work on your projects collaboratively.

Because Synatop is a complete remote desktop platform, you may share any type of content with it. Rabbit, for example, is one of the streaming services available. There is no need to download anything because this is fully dependent on the internet. However, it has the drawback of simply allowing you to watch movies from the titles provided.

Final Words:

These are 15 alternatives to Rabbit TV that you can use to stream and watch videos with family and friends from all around the world, as well as listen to music.

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