All Warzone Bunker Codes And Locations 2023

Despite the fact that the Call of Duty: warzone bunker codes have been relocated to Verdansk ’84, the bunkers remain on the map, and a mystery new bunker code has also appeared. This page contains a list of all the bunker locations in Warzone Season 3 bunkers codes.

With the Season 3 update, Raven completely rebuilt Verdansk with a 1980s atmosphere. New POIs and structures have appeared, but the bunkers have stayed, albeit with the power turned off.

The creators of warzone bunker codes 2021 have hinted that these bunkers will be available in the future, so it’s worth knowing where they are and how to get to them when they do.

Previously, some Bunkers could be accessed with a Red Access Card, while others required a special code.

We have all of the codes you’ll need if the bunker codes reopen, as is expected.

All Warzone Bunker Codes And Locations 2023

Warzone Season 3 bunker locations map

Verdansk ’84 presently has a total of 13 bunker codes. All of these bunkers have been closed since the old Verdansk collapsed, although they are scheduled to reopen in the future.

“Because the Bunkers and other hidden places are initially shut, we can’t tell exactly how you’ll interact with them, but you can expect a bevvy of surprises as the Black Ops Cold War seasons progress,” the developers of Warzone Season 3 bunkers codes have disclosed.

The following is a map of all 13 bunker codes :

  • Hills bunker (0): Located directly south of Promenade West on the coast.
  • Boneyard bunkers (1, 2, and 3): These bunkers may be located on either side of the Junkyard POI on the hill.
  • Summit bunker (4) is located above the two shacks to the east of Summit.
  • Southern Military Base bunker code (5): This bunker can be found between the Military Base and the Lake.
  • Salt Mine bunker (6): Located on the cliffs east of Salt Mine.
  • Karst Bridge bunkers (7 & 8): Found above Karst Bridge to the southeast of Array in the bunkers.
  • Prison bunker access code (9): Located near the prison’s entrance bridge.
  • Park bunker (10): This bunker is located just south of Tavorsk Park.
  • Northern Warzone Military Base bunker code (11): Located to the northwest of the Military Base.
  • Location of the secret bunker: beneath the eastern warehouse in Factory.

Warzone Season 3 bunkers codes

A new subterranean Warzone Season 3 bunkers code has been discovered beneath the new POI Airplane Factory to the east of Superstore.

It isn’t branded with a number, and there’s a disabled keypad beside the door, which will probably be activated later in the season. This is probably certainly an easter egg bunker, similar to Bunker 11, where you may win a weapon Blueprint and the nuking of Verdansk first was hinted at.

Warzone Boneyard bunker code

Scrapyard, to the west of Boneyard, contains two bunkers that require a code to enter. One is near Storage Town in the north, and the other is just above the go-kart track in the south-west.

Despite the fact that the bunkers were closed at the time, the boneyard bunker code was as follows:

  • North boneyard bunker code : 87624851
  • South boneyard bunker code : 97264138

Warzone Prison bunker code

A simple cabin can be seen just west of the Zordaya Prison Complex. This shack appears unremarkable and cannot be accessed, despite the fact that it had a keypad on the entrance previous to the bombing.

If this keypad reappears, enter the code below and proceed inside to get some Legendary items.

  • Prison code: 72948531

Warzone TV Station bunker code

TV Station can be a difficult landing spot, but if you land slightly to the east, you’ll find another shack that was previously locked with a keypad. You don’t need to enter a code anymore, but if this keypad shows again, here’s the code you had to input before.

  • TV Station bunker code: 27495810

Warzone park bunker code and bunker code

Finally, while walking around Park’s Styor Spomenik battle memorial, you’ll notice a Warzone Season 3 bunkers codes etched into the rockface near to a demolished barn. The keypad is currently dormant, however it will most likely be reactivated in the next seasons.

  • Warzone Park bunker code: 60274513

Warzone Red Access Card bunkers and locations

Originally, five of the bunkers could be unlocked with a Red Access Card, which must be in your inventory in order to be utilised. Red Access cards have been removed from Warzone Season 3 storage town bunker codes 2021, although they will almost certainly reappear when the bunkers reopen.

These uncommon items were only found in Legendary Supply Boxes, but if you kill an adversary who has already discovered one, you will be able to grab it when they drop it and use it yourself.

The following bunkers require the use of a Red Access Card:

  • Summit bunker (4)
  • Hills bunker (0)
  • Southern Military Base bunker (5)
  • Code for Prison bunker (9)
  • Salt Mine bunker (6)

In Warzone Season 3, how do you get inside Bunker 11?

At the start of Season 2, Raven Software closed Bunker 11, making it impossible for players to enter. Despite the fact that Verdansk was moved back in time for Season 3, this bunker has not been destroyed.

Of course, while it may be closed for the time being, there is a great possibility that it could reopen in the future, so knowing how to get inside will be useful.

To enter Bunker 11, you must first find an activation phone, which may be found around Verdansk. A Russian operator will then give you a three-digit code that specifies the order in which you must contact the phones. The positions of each phone can be found on the map below, which was created by Reddit user Fbk201.

Because the operator’s code is in Russian, you will need to translate it before proceeding.

The translations are found further down.

  1. a-deen
  2. dva
  3. tree
  4. chye-tir-ye
  5. pyat
  6. shest
  7. syem
  8. vo-syem
  9. dyev-yat
  10. dyes-yat

If you were given the code 123, for example, you would need to dial phone number one, then phone number two, and so on. When you hear a jingle play, you’ll know you’ve interacted with the correct phone and can now launch Bunker 11.

These bunkers aren’t far from the best landing spots in Verdansk ’84, so they’ll be well worth cycling to for high-tier loot when they reopen.

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