How To Activate Epix Now Using Epixnow.Com

Use to activate Epix right away: Simple things that were intended to be difficult will continue to be so until you have the required information. And this article had the details you required to make it simple for you to Therefore, read this article and activate your Epix as soon as possible if you’ve been searching for a technique to activate on your smartphone.

No matter what kind of smart TV you want to activate Epix now on, this post will help you because it was written with all Activate users in mind. You must find your device and read the relevant article. You can still utilise Epixnow com to activate your device even if it isn’t listed here by following the steps in this post.

Before activating, there are a few things to remember, and we’ve provided that information in this article. So keep reading to discover everything you need to know, including how to utilise the Epixnow com activate, before actually activating Epixnow on your smart TV.

Describe Epixnow.

The new streaming service Epix Now offers everything from hit movies to original TV shows. The four live channels are Epix Drive-In, Epix Hits, Epix, and Epix 2. You must first activate Epix Now in order to watch these stations.

On a variety of devices, including Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, Chromecast, and Firestick, Epix Now is accessible. Additionally, mobile devices and gaming platforms offer access to the channel.

Things Before Launching

EPIX is offered by a variety of companies, including Comcast Xfinity, Cox, DISH, DIRECTV, Spectrum, Verizon FIOS, and others.

Among the providers that are supported are Sling TV, YouTube TV, AT&T TV NOW, the Roku channel, Amazon Prime video networks, and Apple TV channels.

Additionally, you can gain quick access by downloading the EPIX NOW app from your preferred app store. It can also be downloaded through iTunes and Google Play.

A subscription with cable and satellite providers varies in cost. Additionally, the cost of live TV services, like YouTube TV, varies. On the other hand, the cost of the iOS and Android apps is $5.99 per month.

In comparison to Activate.Epixnow.Com

There are two ways to activate EpixNow. Though the steps are different, both ways lead to the same destination. Before logging into your account, you will be prompted to select a TV provider when you go to Go to, type the EpixNow TV code, and click the submit button before logging into your EpixNow account.

As a result, we recommend using to activate this guidance. You can use the information supported here to instal EpixNow on your Roku TV or Roku stick, Tivo TV, Firestick, Apple TV, and other compatible devices.

Activate on Epix now

Generally speaking, all compatible devices can be “activated Epin Now” using the steps below.

  • Go to the “Apps” area of your TV.
  • You can download and set up “Epix Now.”
  • Open the app, sign in, and enter the activation code.
  • Visit on your smartphone or computer to begin.
  • Enter the activation code on the TV’s screen.
  • The drop-down menu will select you to choose “Submit.”
  • By logging in, you may access your Epix Now account.
  • Done.

The configuration of each EpixNow-compatible device varies, though. Downloading the Epixnow app is unique as a result. As a result, we’ll set how to configure Epix Now on each device separately.

Activate Epixnow Com On Roku

As we all know, one of the most widely used streaming services at the moment is Roku. Follow these steps to instal Epix Now on Roku:

  • Turn on your Roku device and press the “Start” button on the remote control to begin.
  • You can find the broadcast channels by scrolling down. As a result of this action, the Roku Channel Store will open.
  • Find the Epix Now channel, then click the Add Channel button to instal it.
  • An activation code will appear on your screen when you start the channel. Keep the code in note.
  • To begin, go to
  • After entering the activation code in the box given, click Submit.
  • Log in to the website of your TV provider to access Epix on your Roku screen.

Activate Epixnow Com On PS4

On the PS4, you may watch a wide variety of entertainment, such as captivating movies and on-demand TV shows. Use the steps below to follow Epix Now on your PS4:

  • Go to the store from your home screen.
  • Find the search icon in the top left corner of your screen and click it.
  • When you search for “Epix,” the app icon will display on the right.
  • By clicking the button, you can download and instal it.
  • Open the app by going back to your home screen.
  • Pick a movie that requires an activation code to watch.
  • Visit to contact your TV provider.
  • Give the PS4 access to a streaming device. The activation code will be visible.
  • Go back to your PlayStation system and enter the code to activate the software.

Xbox Activate Epixnow Com

Epix Now gives you access to thousands of films, TV shows, and other media on your Xbox system. Follow these steps to activate on Xbox:

  • Go to the home screen, select “Save,” and then scroll down to “Find Apps.”
  • By utilising the search icon, search up Epix.
  • Once the app has been downloaded and installed, go back to your home screen.
  • Go to the App Store and conduct a search for the movie or TV show you want to watch before using the Epix app. There will be a requirement to enter the activation code.
  • Visit to select your cable TV provider.
  • To log in, use your credentials.
  • A code that you can enter to activate your Xbox One device will display when you select it.
  • Return to your terminal and enter the activation code to activate the channel.

How to Activate Epixnow Com On Fire TV

A wide range of channels are available on Amazon Fire TV, and the streaming service is entertaining. Follow these steps to activate on your Fire TV:

  • On the Fire TV home screen, click the search icon (top left corner of the screen).
  • Select Epix Now from the list of results after conducting a search for it.
  • Pick the Epix app from the home screen. Click the Get button to download and instal it.
  • To start using the app, choose “Activate” from the start screen. The activation code will be visible. Make note of it in your head.
  • On the website, enter the code.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the activation procedure.

Epixnow.Com On Tivo, activate

Tivo is a relatively new service when compared to other streaming services that provide a wide range of content. Additionally, adding channels to the platform is simple. Follow these instructions to activate Epixnow on Tivo:

  • Press the “Tivo Central” button on your remote control.
  • From the drop-down menu, select “Video on Demand.”
  • After scrolling through the list of apps, choose Epix.
  • Once the app has been set up on your device, go back to the home screen.
  • You must activate the programme by going to Applications>Epix.
  • Select to choose your cable TV provider.
  • By entering your provider’s login information, you can get the activation code.
  • To return channel activation, go back to the Tivo box.
  • Select a movie or TV programme to watch and enjoy.


Using a Samsung Smart TV and the steps below, you can follow the Epixnow TV code and activate it online at

  • Press the Samsung Smart TV home button on the remote control.
  • In the left-hand menu, select “Apps.”
  • Sign in then head to the search box in the upper right corner of the page.
  • Tap “Install” from the app’s information after finding the “EpixNow” app.
  • Give the app a few seconds to correctly instal on the TV.
  • Navigate to the Apps menu and select Apps >> Downloaded Apps >> EpixNow.
  • Open the streaming app, select “Sign in,” and the activation code and instructions will be displayed.
  • Visit in a web browser to activate. The ideal browser to use is Chrome.
  • After entering the EpixNow TV code, click the “Submit” button.
  • Watch the EpixNow activation code page open and follow the on-screen instructions to sign in to your EpixNow account. As you do so, the app will magically reload, granting you access to all EpixNow content along with the 6 digit activation code.

When you activate Epixnow on a smart device, you can use it on a device with a larger screen instead of the intended mobile app or web browser. It’s also simpler to set up Epixnow on a streaming device like a Roku or Firestick and watch it with family and friends because practically every home now has one.

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