8 Digital Marketing Trends to Follow in 2022

Most of our day-to-day activities have moved to the internet as a result of last year’s events, and it looks that most of us have already gotten used to it.

Only a few years ago, online shopping was not considered a valid means of buying things. But, most of us now prefer to shop online rather than visit a physical store.

Companies have to alter their marketing tactics to take advantage of the internet medium in light of such a huge change in the industry.

Let’s take a look at a few digital marketing trends that are getting momentum this year.

1. Progressive Web Apps

A progressive web app (PWA) is a web-based software application that uses common web technologies such as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. In other words, PWAs are websites that have the look and feel of mobile apps.

PWAs will be extensively used in the future, according to Digital Silk, a top web design company in New York, because they combine the user-friendliness of mobile apps with the speed and reliability of traditional websites.

With mobile devices accounting for more than 50% of all web traffic, it’s easy to see why this trend is rising.

2. Featured Snippets

Companies are increasingly focusing their SEO efforts on ranking for highlighted snippets rather than aiming for the top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

These snippets, unlike other search results entries, are separated by a small box and appear at the top of the SERP, directly below the ads, promoting brand.

Moreover, prominent snippets are commonly accompanied by a video or image, which increases the likelihood of people clicking through even further.

You’ll need to focus on long-tailed keywords if you want to rank in a featured snippet. This is because Google will favor pages that provide in-depth answers to specific questions when ranking a website in a featured snippet.

As a result, developing a FAQ page that gives readers with short but thorough answers is likely to get you listed in the featured snippets section.

3. Voice Search

Voice search has increased in popularity as a result of the growing need for quick responses to on-the-spot enquiries.

Weekly voice searches are done by 76 percent of smart speaker users. With over half of all American households possessing a smart speaker, optimising your website for voice search should be high on your priority list.

Long-tail keywords will be targeted by Google, just as featured snippets, so it can present users with the exact answers they want.

A FAQs page, once again, is likely to yield excellent results. Also, if you have a local business, make sure to employ geo-targeted keywords.

4. Chatbots

Chatbots, which have been around for a while, were popular during the epidemic as a result of the flood of new digital buyers. They are now adored by both businesses and customers.

For example, businesses spend an average of $1.3 trillion every year on customer requests, and chatbots can cut that cost in half.

Second, when compared to human agents, chatbots are much faster. They can respond to requests in a matter of seconds, whereas ordinary employees can take a long time.

Not to mention that using chatbots makes it much easier to operate a 24-hour customer support service. In other words, they are both less costly and more efficient than human employees.

5. Customer Segmentation

Instead of targeting a wide audience, customer segmentation means dividing that audience into smaller groups based on demographics, buyer behaviour, and other factors.

Customer segmentation enables organisations to design targeted marketing campaigns that are both small and effective.

Instead of creating a single email list for your entire audience, you could choose to divide it into two groups: little spenders and big spenders.

As a result, you’ll be able to design two unique email campaigns, each focusing on a different target, potentially increasing conversions.

6. Interactive Content

Interactive content is a great way to get people to interact with your business. If you run a car dealership, for example, you could include a car loan calculator widget on your website.

This will not only provide more value to visitors and supply you with more information about them, but it will also encourage them to spend more time engaging with your website, which will aid in SEO.

Interactive content, such as quizzes or polls, is ideal for gathering data about your audience on social media, which you can use to better your marketing initiatives.

Furthermore, engaging material encourages users to form a personal bond with your company. That’s because you’ll show them that their contribution is valued.

7. Ad-Blockers

Many websites and marketers are losing a substantial amount of traffic since ad-blocking tools are used by over 42% of internet users. It’s reasonable to state that trying to persuade users to disable Ad-Blocker in order to view the website doesn’t work.

As a result, businesses have discontinued this tactic and shifted their focus to other marketing methods.

8. Video Marketing

Video marketing seems to be one of the most essential marketing trends this year, and it will most likely continue to be so in the future. But why is it the case?

First and importantly, people will spend 88 percent more time on a website with a video than one without. This means that video content is good for improving your website’s search engine rating.

Live videos are becoming increasingly popular on social media. A live video from a brand is preferred by 82 percent of consumers over advertisements, blog posts, and other forms of content.

Furthermore, live videos create six times the number of interactions as any other video format.

As a result, an increasing number of businesses are using live videos into their social media marketing campaigns.

Interviews, product demos, and, most importantly, showing your fans what’s going on behind the scenes should all be part of your strategy.

This personifies your brand, allowing your audience to trust you more and connect with your business more effectively.

Final Words

Ultimately, the events of the preceding year had a massive effect on the digital marketing landscape, and their implications will be seen for some time.

By following the trends described in this article, you should be able to boost traffic to your website, increase sales, and generate more leads.

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