Top 8 Bit Music Maker Apps for 2021

I recently went down the rabbit hole and reviewed every 8 bit music maker, and I discovered a newfound love for 8bit art and music. I wondered whether there were any programmes to make an 8bit sound maker after I finished the list of 8bit Music Maker Apps to replicate tunes. Check out the list of quality 8-bit tune maker applications if you want to build 8-bit copies of your favourite songs, make music on your phone, or make your own chiptunes. Let’s have a look at them.

Top 8 Bit Music Maker Apps for 2021

In this article, you can know about 8 bit music maker here are the details below;

1. Musiclab.Chrome experiments

Musiclab.Chrome experiments

Let’s start with a must-have app: Musiclab. This app is for all beginners who need to tinker with music. It has a web user interface that makes it portable, and it can be accessed using any online browser. The user interface is simple, making it appropriate for children and newcomers like myself. Simply click on any of the notes in the grid to activate that feature; repeat this process throughout the network; then press the play button, and voila, music. You can change gadgets like piano, strings, brass, synth, and so on without harming the progression. With a single click, you can save the project as a MIDI or WAV file to your laptop. The music lab is excellent for creating a basic 8-bit style track on the internet.

2. BeepBox


Beepbox is the next software, and it’s a web-based extreme chiptune music maker tracker. It gives you a fully customizable grid where you can control the keys, speed, reverb, and rhythm. All of the waveform devices from the first video games are included. As a result, you can replicate all of your favourite gaming melodies. You might also obtain help for more current instruments like keyboard, idiophone, guitars, bass, strings, and distortion presets, in addition to retro presets like a rectangle-shaped wave, triangle wave, sawtooth wave, and many others. Your objective can be saved as a.Json.Wav or.Mid file. Beepbox is totally free, and you can start making true 8-bit music maker with it right now.

3. RetroBoy Plugin 8bit Music Maker

RetroBoy Plugin 8bit Music Maker

While you can reproduce the 8-bit song with Audacity and other superior software, it’s still frightening for newcomers who haven’t had much experience with music-making. That’s why I’ll focus on tools that are simple to use and require only a basic understanding of track software. If you’re familiar with Audacity, though, you can install this plugin and easily generate an 8bit song maker track in your current setup.

4. Nanoloop


Nanoloop is a single software that allows you to sequence, taste, and create a music all in one place. It is extremely adaptable, which can be intimidating for first-time users. In a single channel, you can create a melody in 8 channels and set 8 different patterns. It also includes all of the waveforms found in 8-bit video games, as well as the possibility to include your own unique samples, which can be combined to create a combo style music. Trimming and joining up are made simple with the app’s comprehensive tune editor. Nanoloop is a premium app that costs $3.99 on both Android and iOS.

5. Tonepad


This programme is for you if you wish to design your own ringtones. The chiptune maker tracker has a sixteen-by-eighteen grid where you can activate each notification to generate a tone. The user interface is kept to a bare minimum so that you can use it without feeling intimidated. To listen to the music, simply tap on the grid. You may either replicate vintage Nokia ringtones or a Super Mario music. The software is free, but if you want to save tones, you’ll have to upgrade to the paid version, which costs $0.99.

6. FamiTracker 8bit Music Maker

FamiTracker 8bit Music Maker

Unlike the previous version, how to make 8 bit Music Maker FamiTracker puts more emphasis on your abilities. Although it appears sophisticated, it is simple to learn if you have previously worked with trackers. To begin writing a song, simply select a pulse and push the key on your keyboard to set it at the note. It also aids MIDI devices, allowing you to import sound samples and custom-made gizmos from those devices with ease. The software is free and allows you to create a music for the NES and Famicom systems.

7. Piconica


Picnic is the first app you should go for if you’re trying to make an 8-bit melody on your Android phone. It differs from the other apps on the list in that it does not make use of the grid or tracker device. With the keyboard design, you could still come up with a few of bad tunes. It has rectangle- and triangle-shaped waves with one-of-a-kind cycles, implying that you can get the same tones by pressing the same key. There are 96 keys on the keyboard, which you can arrange in two rows. After you’ve tape-recorded a song, you can save the files in WAV format to a nearby storage device. Picnic is a well-known cell technique for making 8-bit chiptunes.

8. Bosca Ceoil

Bosca Ceoil

This software application is a flash-based approach to chiptune production. Bosca Ceoil includes a grid and trackers interface that makes creating chiptunes a breeze. It, like Beepbox, features a variety of instruments, as well as the option to trade octaves, rate, and other things. You also receive 12 brand-new instrument types in addition to MIDI, which is more than enough. To get started with your first song, select a device, tap a notification on the grid, and play it on loops. The tunes can then be exported in MIDI, WAV, XM, and MML formats. If you want an easy way to use an 8-bit tracker on your laptop, go with Bosca Ceoil.


There have been a number of useful apps that may be used to make excellent chiptunes. I attempted to include programmes that are both simple to use and useful. Music Lab, for example, is the simplest programme for making music. In terms of features, Beepbox and Bosca Ceoil are a little more exceptional. Provide a similar interface, however. If you’ve been on the lookout for a sophisticated device, FamiTracker might be the answer. Which apps do you use to make 8-Bit Music, please let me know in the comments below, and share a few tunes on Twitter?

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