5 Reasons You Need a Free VPN Browser Extension

A virtual private network (VPN) app enhances anonymous browsing. Ordinarily, your internet service provider (ISP) can trace your online activities with your IP address.

Usually, your ISP assigns an IP address to your device each time you log into the internet. Apart from your ISP, hackers or other third parties can also track your browsing activities if they can access your IP address.

A VPN app ensures protection, privacy, and security when you log into the internet and enables you to bypass regional restrictions when streaming or downloading your favorite movies or games. A lightweight version of a VPN app is a VPN browser extension; it’s a plugin or add-on for your browser, such as Google Chrome. Microsoft Edge, Firefox, or Safari.

Fundamentally, it’s an easy way to make a quick VPN connection to the server. A VPN browser Free VPN extension works the same way a VPN app does; the only difference is that you can’t use it to protect all other traffic you receive or send through your devices since the VPN browser extension only works at the browser level.

In today’s digital age, you must prioritize your online privacy and security when you go online; hackers prowl the net regularly for sensitive information they can steal for monetary value. The VPN is a crucial technology you need to protect your online activities.

Incidentally, we may have people who don’t have the financial resources for premium VPN services. While no amount should deter you from ensuring your online protection and security, you subscribe to a free browser extension.

The following are five reasons why you need a free browser extension:

1. Reducing financial constraints

Many individuals and startups need money to meet their daily requirements; a startup faces stiff competition from Fortune 500 organizations; it’s survival of the fittest in the global market, and every company wants to outdo the others. Customer acquisition is not what a startup must trifle with; you also need to retain your old customers.

Customer retention borders on good customer experience and expectations; if financial constraints make your customers’ sensitive information up for grabs by hackers, you lose the trust and confidence in your products and services. A free VPN browser extension ensures you can secure employees’ and customers’ data and sensitive information without spending the money you need for other projects.

According to the IBM Data Breach Report and the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report of 2022, 83% of organizations experienced more than one data breach, and ransomware attacks surged by 13%, respectively. The ransomware attacks are equivalent to all attacks within the last five years.

The alarming figures depict why you need a free VPN browser if you can’t afford the cost of a premium VPN subscription.

2. Masking IP address

Your IP address is the surest way to track your online activities; your ISP, hackers, and any third party can access your IP address if you don’t have a free VPN browser extension or app that will conceal the IP address. When your VPN browser extension masks your IP address, all your online browsing activities revert to the VPN servers.

Searching for your browsing history will lead the hacker to the VPN browser extension servers in any part of the world as the location; no one can discover where you are browsing.

3. Bypassing geo-restrictions

Individuals and startups need to access and surf websites for vital information to help them make meaningful decisions about purchases and pricing. Some countries restrict websites that people can visit; a free VPN browser extension enables you to bypass such regional restrictions.

You can even leverage your free VPN browser extension to stream and download movies and games your country may not allow freely. A free VPN browser extension will diminish the barrier of geographical locations.

4. Log encryption

A VPN browser extension enables the encryption of your log; the encryption ensures that if a hacker or third party accidentally accesses your online activities or data, it becomes useless and worthless to them since they can’t decipher the encryption. Only your computer and the servers of the VPN have the key to decrypt the information you send or receive.

5. Multifactor authentication

The tech-savviness of modern-day hackers makes it mandatory that you must not depend only on strong passwords; it takes time, but it’s still possible to crack your strong passwords with brute-force attacks. Your free VPN browser will enhance multifactor authentication, which comprises your password and biometric identification, such as fingerprint, eye scan, and facial recognition.

Multifactor authentication will ensure that your ISP, hackers, or any third party can access your network without proper verification.


A free VPN browser extension is user-friendly and easy to install; your privacy and security are vital to the relevance of your startup or as an individual. Where you don’t have the money to subscribe to a premium VPN service, your alternative can be the free VPN browser extension.

You can’t afford and mustn’t joke with your online privacy. A free VPN browser will help to diminish geographical location barriers.

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