5 Big Data Storage Solutions For Custom Software Development

There are several big data storage solutions for custom software development. Data is the fuel that keeps businesses running. Many tech agencies consider information storage to be the heart of their organization. After all, companies rely on storage solutions to promote privacy, security, and efficiency throughout the SDLC. As a software developer, you’ll want to learn about the latest solutions that can organize, manage, maintain, and secure data throughout your pipeline. This way, you can promote convenience, usability, and accessibility throughout your agency. To help you get started today, read on to learn about the top data storage solutions for software development.

Cloud Storage APIs

A popular data storage solution for software development is cloud storage APIs. Integrate this service to store your private, confidential business data in the cloud. Once secured here, only those with authentication and access control can view the stored information. If you are interested in these storage options, develop your software to automatically save inputted or scanned information in a business cloud computing and storage network. Of course, you can always bridge the cloud storage application using your local systems. This way, you can move data to different services with confidence, ease, and peace of mind. Certainly, consider using cloud APIs as your data storage solution for software development operations.

Kubernetes Docker Registry

Another top data storage solution for your software development is a Kubernetes Docker registry.  A powerful kubernetes registry is the perfect solution for simple k8s cluster provisioning. These resources provide all the functionality needed to orchestrate your software application with fine-grained access control. This way, you can share protected data across your business and teams. More so, you can proxy public Docker resources through a remote repository. With this configuration, you’ll also be able to benefit from unlimited Docker Hub access. This is essential to simplify cloud-native application development and avoid frustrating image pull limits. Definitely, use Docker registry for your data store solution as a software developer.

Amazon S3

Software developers can also store data with Amazon Simple Storage Services (S3). Amazon S3 offers industry-leading scalability, security and performance solutions for stored data. Leveraging this innovative solution, developers can hold and protect endless volumes of software data for any use case. Then, you’ll be able to build data lakes, custom mobile applications and cloud-native programs. S3 additionally offers cost-effective and simple management features. This enables you to optimize organization, access controls and compliance requirements. Certainly, Amazon S3 is a top storage solution for software developers.

Direct Asset Storage

Next, some software developers prefer direct asset storage solutions (DAS). DAS protects your software data with physically attached devices. This is generally through connectable devices like SSD, flash or hard drives. These storage solutions enhance data security, ensure access control and promote encryption. Since you able to physically hold the data, you have full control over who can see, edit, and modify it. This way, you can safeguard your project from outside threats, break-ins, or system takeovers. You can also streamline controlled backups and promote harmonization while maintaining a stable brand image. Of course, DAS storage solutions are a great option to store your software development data.

Network Attached Storage

Furthermore, consider using network attached storage (NAS) solutions to hold your data as a software developer. NAS allows you to continually store and share data over connected networks. Of course, the network needs to be connected through numerous hard drives or other data storage device solutions within a RAID configuration. This allows your team to successfully operate from any location with network connection. With these capabilities, NAS centralizes data and enhances collaboration opportunities. NAS can additionally promote scalability and reduced costs. You can even set permission levels to control network access to private or confidential data. Surely, NAS solutions are a reliable option for storing data as a software developer.

There are a variety of data storage solutions for software development operations. First, utilize cloud storage APIs to keep your data in secure, convenient, and mobile interfaces. In addition, think about using a Kubernetes Docker registry to protect and share your images. This way, you can automate development, promote organization, and gain deeper insights into operating system (OS) issues. You can also store endless amounts of data with Amazon S3. Next, consider DAS storage solutions, like hard or flash drives, to control data access through physical devices. Furthermore, use NAS solutions to share and store data with multiple users across a connected network. These are the top data storage solutions for software development.

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