4 Online Games That Can Boost Your Dopamine Levels

We all experience “those days” when you are just in a drab mood. Things may not be going the way you planned them. When you need a mood boost, consider an online game that increases your dopamine levels.

What is Dopamine?

Dopamine is known as the “feel-good” chemical your brain produces to influence your mood and motivation levels.

Doing something you love or eating a favorite food are ways you can boost your dopamine on a bad day. Playing an awesome game is another example of how you can increase your dopamine levels. Here are four online games that can boost your dopamine to make you feel better anytime you need a mood boost.

1. Online Roulette

Casino games are random and of chance that are thrilling to play, especially since it’s impossible to predict the outcome until it happens. However, be mindful of how much you play casino games because too high of those levels can cause an unhealthy gambling addiction.

Playing roulette involves betting on one number, a row or column of numbers, or a specific color category whether black or red. You can place bets across the board as all-in or select specific areas of the roulette board to bet where the ball will land on the roulette wheel.

Vary your bets by placing higher-value chips on the numbers you feel will come up the most. Position lower-value chips on numbers that have not come up as often in the recent numbers list.

2. Grand Theft Auto Online

Grand Theft Auto Online expands the world of GTA in an online MMORPG universe. Customize your character as if they are a GTA character.

Go on heists with other players, track down other players to attack them, rob local stores, and run away from the police. While these are, of course, all inherently wrong actions to do in real life, engaging in them on GTA Online will spike your dopamine levels.

When you can successfully get away from the police or complete a heist, it will raise your dopamine levels when finishing a difficult task in the game. Plus, you can enjoy casino games in the world of GTA Online as another dopamine booster such as slots, roulette, Blackjack, and poker.

3. Fortnite

In Fortnite’s Battle Royale, you go against 100 players in a survival game. You can play solo or with a partner.

Customize your character with protective armor, high-powered weapons, and your favorite skin to complete the look. Sneak around and be vigilant of your surroundings so other players don’t spot you. When you see other players, be the first to take them down to be the last one standing.

Especially when you can take down another player before they kill you, that’s a definite spike for your dopamine.

4. Magic: The Gathering Arena

This game of strategy will skyrocket your dopamine levels when your deck strategy successfully wins against your opponent. Select your game format, whether standard, modern, or brawl.

Customize your deck with synergistic cards based on your desired win condition. Play blue to mill the opponent’s decks to take the win. Build a token deck to build a large battlefield of creatures to diminish the opponent’s life total. Black decks help to bring back your dead creatures while giving you in-game rewards when your army does die.

Red decks take the win faster by pinging lots of damage to creatures and life total. Outpace opponents with life gain abilities while playing white and make them rethink their strategy playing large creatures.


Any type of video game can raise your dopamine levels if it is one that you love! Find a game that you feel pleasure in playing and turn to it when you need a mood boost!

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