4 Alternatives To Wifi When Working From Home For Stable & Fast Internet Connection

If you are working from home, you must be aware of all the issues you can face with Wi-Fi while trying to host a meeting or complete an urgent task. In the office, you might have a network support department that checks all of the internet issues, but at home, it’s a one-man show for sure!

To tackle any kind of internet problem you are facing at home, you must first know what type of issue appears. The first and foremost thing to do here is to check your internet speed using one of the dozens of internet speed checking tools available online. You just have to open the relevant tool and press the Go or Start button to let it start checking the speed.

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Every tool available online usually shows the two aspects of the internet speed; Upload speed and Download speed. Download speed shows how quickly your internet can pull data from a server to your device. While the Upload speed shows how quickly your internet can send data to a server with your device.

If you find these speeds to be variating or degrading, then you must take the necessary steps to overcome these internet speed-related issues. Calling your broadband provider and raising a ticket might be the best solution, but it is not the solution you might be looking for for an urgent fix!

We have listed a few alternatives below for you to choose for a stable internet connection while working from home:

Ethernet Cable

We are so keen to adjust to the wireless world that most of the time, we now forget that we can still use cables! Remember here that a wired connection is always more stable and credible to use than a wireless one. Although it seems too frustrating handling so many cables around your system, an ethernet cable is always preferred over Wi-Fi.

We know that it is less convenient than a wireless connection, and you are bound to move only to the places where the ethernet cable can go with you. But right now, we are talking about working from home, and we are sure that you don’t need to travel within your home while doing urgent work.

Also, every router has a handful of Ethernet ports, so ethernet should be your first preference whatsoever.

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More Than One Internet Source

Whenever you are working from home, you mustn’t only rely on only one internet service provider. But here we are not also recommending you to get services from more than one of the many Broadband companies available.

What we mean here is that every smartphone these days provides you with the option to make a hotspot and use your network provider’s internet on other devices. Your smartphone must always be kept handy to use as a hotspot device in troubled times.

Shifting to the hotspot Wi-Fi from your phone is the quickest way to ensure fast and reliable internet service when working from home.

Wi-Fi Extender

Wi-Fi extenders are now available easily in the market. The purpose of these extenders is to extend the range of your router primarily. These extenders don’t cost much and help efficiently in ensuring that your device is getting full Wi-Fi signals wherever you are in your home.

You just have to buy a Wi-Fi extender and plug it into a spare wall socket. Then simply set up the extender with some simple steps and enjoy Wi-Fi in the Wi-Fi dead zones in your house. Here, the positioning of your extender is very important. But one downfall of this is that you might be losing some bandwidth while extending the signals with an extender.

Powerline Network Kit

A powerline network kit might be what you are seeking while trying to have a stable and fast internet connection. With this, digital signals are passed through the electrical wiring of your home with the powerline device. You will be able to find these easily online and at physical stores as well.

You just have to plug in the powerline plug to the router and plug the other end into any wall socket. Plug in the other powerline plug in the relevant room of your house where you need a strong internet connection. This way, you can enjoy wired or wireless seamless internet wherever you need it in your home.

If nothing works, then you should check for Belong outages to keep track of all the power or internet outages that your area might be experiencing.

Get a Fast and Stable Internet Connection

With the alternatives mentioned above, you can easily enjoy a reliable internet connection while working from home. The best way from the above options is to get an ethernet cable and connect the internet with the cable on your system.

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