10 Best Working 4K Kodi Addons List in 2021

Currently, In the list below, you’ll find the Best 4K Kodi Addons for Streaming Movies, TV Shows, and Live Sports. What’s more, these are the best Kodi addons that are currently available. These top addons provide every genre available on the website, from broadcasts of the latest cinematic movie releases to prominent sports content channels. Kodi TV addons come and go on a daily basis, so staying up to current can seem pointless. As one might assume, any selection of top Kodi addons might elicit heated disagreement at best, so don’t consider this subjective category to be the final word. We’ve chosen to compile a list of the best 4K Kodi movie addons for 2021. In this article, we’ll look at some of the best 4K Kodi addons, but we’ll go much further than that.

Apart from giving fully functional 4K Kodi addons and installation instructions, we’ll also try to explain what 4K implies. Because not every device is capable of playing high-resolution media files, we will endeavor to clear up any doubts. We realize how frustrating it is to try to discover extensions that still work. The truth is that Kodi addons can be unreliable, therefore it’s always a good idea to have backups. We put in the time and effort to test dozens of Kodi addons in order to identify completely functional addons as of January 2021. Before you begin, we strongly advise you to use Kodi in a safe and secure manner. As a result, we ask that you read the disclaimer and cautionary notice listed below.

Why should you need a VPN when using Kodi?

The following are the primary reasons why you should read it without skipping ahead.

1: Using unlawful Kodi Addons without a VPN is dangerous and risky. Many Kodi users are installing illegal Kodi addons on their systems in order to gain access to all of the latest movies, TV series, sports, music, and more for FREE, rather than paying for a legal Kodi addon with limited content. What’s more, do you know what? Copyrighted video footage can be found on illicit addons. If you contact them using Kodi, your ISP will monitor your activities by recording your IP address and activity, and will provide all data to the government or business if they so request. You will be in serious problems as a result of this. To protect yourself from this, you could use a VPN that hides your identity by rotating your IP address while viewing Kodi material. You will be secure from the public’s curiosity in this manner.

2: Get Around Geo-Location Restrictions: As you may be aware, several official addons, such as Hulu, NBC Sports, BBC iPlayer, and IceFilms, impose Geo-Location Restrictions. It also applies to other addons, such as Acestream, which retrieves data from torrents. You’ll need to utilize a VPN to get around these restrictions.

The two reasons mentioned above lead us to recommend a VPN to Kodi users for safer browsing. Actually, after trying a variety of Kodi VPNs, we’ve come to the conclusion that there is only one nonstop option, and that is Windscribe VPN, the highest rated Kodi VPN.

Important Note: By default, Kodi does not work with addons downloaded from third-party sources. You may modify this by going to the app’s Settings and making a few easy changes. Our article has all of the information you require.


1: The Magic Dragon

What can you find if you use The Magic Dragon? Movies, television series, music, documentaries, radio, and much more are all available. We hope some of you have tried out The Pyramid addition. Until today, it was one of the most well-known Kodi addons, giving just about any type of entertainment imaginable. Nonetheless, it dissipated during the course of the night. The good news is that we’ve found the next big thing. The Magic Dragon and The Pyramid both use the same code. That’s why these two have the same appearance. Even the list on the home screen is remarkably similar. Movies, TV series, documentaries, music, radio, cartoons, and so on are all available. When you go to the Movies area, you’ll notice a section dedicated to 4K movies. At the same time, over 150 titles are available, making it one of the largest libraries of high-resolution HD films available.


2: Scrubs v2

What shows can you watch on Scrubs v2? Films and television series. Scrubs v2 had to be included in our list of the top 4K Kodi additions because it is currently an AIO addon. Movies, TV series, IPTV, documentaries, and much more are available. In terms of movies, you won’t find a specialized 4K library. However, if you click on any movie title, Scrubs will begin searching the Internet for available sources. So, if a 4K stream is available, you’ll be able to see it before you begin exploring the film.


3: Limitless

What is available to stream via Limitless? Movies, television shows, cartoons, live sports, and IPTV channels are all available. Then there’s Limitless, a recently published addition. This Kodi addon comes from the Luxury repository, which is brand new. Despite the fact that its primary goal is to provide IPTV channels, it also has a large movie area. When you open the movie category, you’ll notice a long array of sub-categories. It allows you to focus your search on specific movie genres, release dates, actors, and so on. It’s also where you’ll discover a specific 4K segment for Real Debrid users to use. There are already over 90 4K movies available, so there is plenty to see.


4: IT

What can you watch on the internet? Films, television shows, cartoons, documentaries, and YouTube video music are all available.

It’s one of Kodi’s newest Movies addons, as well as one of the most popular. It is the immediate successor to 13Clowns Video, and it is currently unavailable. It may be used to watch movies, television shows, cartoons, documentaries, Netflix series, and much more.

Given that we’re discussing 4K content, you should be aware that IT comes with a separate 4K list. At the moment, there are roughly 150 titles available, with more on the way. If you have a Real Debrid account, many of them can view without scratching it.


5: ReleaseBB

What is available to stream via Release BB? Films and television series.

ReleaseBB is a new Kodi addon that focuses on movies and television episodes. It comes from a developer whose name we’re starting to hear a lot more. ReleaseBB, his most recent gift to the Kodi community, is a straightforward method for expanding your library. Currently, there are around 14 categories in the movies area when you open it. These categories categorize films based on their video quality, which includes 4K UHD. You can also watch 1080p and 720p movies, depending on the speed of your Internet connection.


5: Seren

Seren allows you to stream a variety of content. Films and television series.

Because of its reliance on expensive Web scrapers, Seren is included in our list of the Best 4K Kodi Addons. Unlike previous extensions, this one makes use of services such as Real Debrid and Premiumize. As a result, you will undoubtedly find a large number of 4K movies here. This is how you may take use of the perks of such an account if you have one. You should also be aware that Seren is presently in beta, so stay tuned for further information. At this time, both movies and television shows are available. Despite the lack of a distinct 4K category, a large number of titles are available in 4K. Seren will offer you a list of finds once you tap on a title, so you’ll know what to expect even before the search is completed.


7: Nole Cinema

What kind of movies can you see on Nole Cinema? Films, television shows, cartoons, anime, and stand-up comedy specials are all available.

If you want to view movies, we believe Nole Cinema is one of the best Kodi addons available. When you decide to try this addon on your own, you will see why it is so popular. Nole Cinema has 30 movie genres to choose from, all of which are accessible from the home screen. As you may be aware, there is also a separate section for 4K movies called 4K Community. There are currently around 200 titles available. You will, however, require a Real Debrid account to stream those.


8: Venom

Venom allows you to stream a variety of content. Films and television series.

Venom has risen through the ranks. It’s just a replica of Exodus that uses the shell of this well-known add-on.
It is based on next-generation scrapers, has a large number of contents, and may also be used in conjunction with third-party services. Venom, unlike some of the other Kodi addons on our list, does not have a specific 4K area. However, when you tap on a movie title, the addon will search the Internet for available sources. You will be able to choose between multiple resolutions, including 4K, before starting the movie.


9: The Crew

What kind of content can you watch with The Crew Addons?  Movies, TV series, cartoons, live sports, IPTV channels, fitness videos, radio, and stand-up comedy are just some of the options available.

Be wary of using The Crew to broadcast copyrighted content. The majority of content available through Kodi addons is copyrighted, which may be in violation of your country’s laws. You should use a VPN to change your IP address and remain anonymous while streaming on Kodi.


10: Exodus Redux

Exodus Redux Addons allows you to stream a variety of content. Films, television shows, and documentaries are all available.

Exodus Redux is the name of the addon we’re talking about. It’s the new Exodus fork, which is currently very popular, and we think you’ll like it. Exodus Redux, like many of the other recommendations in this book, lacks a 4K component. The addon will check for 4K HD links whenever you tap on any movies or TV episodes. If a 4K title is available, one or more will be released soon.


We hope that this article has assisted you in locating Excellent Working 4K Best Kodi Addons. Thousands of hours of UltraHD Movies content can be unlocked on Kodi thanks to our genuine effort.











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