10 Best Websites That Can Replace Your PC Software in Windows 10

Yeah, since web browsers were only used for surfing and writing emails, those days are gone. Web browsers can do many cool things for web technology like PHP and HTML5.

You won’t believe it, but few websites can replace much of the important desktop software. We will share some of the best websites in this article that can replace desktop apps.

List of 10 Best Websites That Can Replace Your PC Software

All these pages are separate from each other, and they have various purposes. Without opening any additional apps, the sites mentioned in this article could get most of your work done inside your browser. So, to replace your PC’s tech, let’s check out some of the powerful websites.

1. Skype For The Web

To make voice and video calls, many users rely on Skype desktop clients. However, you can use the online edition of Skype for networking purposes if your PC has restricted capacity. Skype’s mobile version helps you to make voice and video calls right from the web browser. The online edition also now provides HD video calling services, features for notification control, etc.

2. Lumen5

If you’re an author, so maybe you’re aware of Lumen 5. One of the best web-based applications that can replace your computer’s video editing programme is Lumen 5. Don’t expect any sophisticated Lumen5 video editing functionality, though, as it only converts an article into a video. To make attractive and entertaining YouTube images, Lumen5 can also be used.

3. Mint

Well, Mint is a versatile web-based platform that can replace your computer’s financial management tools. It’s a web-based platform to manage better spending and profits that synchronises with the bank statement. Besides, Mint also sends warnings when your account balances are poor, during unusual operations, etc.

4. PDFescape

PDFescape is an online workaround that Adobe Acrobat is supposed to replace. Though not as good as Acrobat, PDFescape always gets the most significant stuff done. PDFescape is easy to use as compared to Adobe Reader & Adobe Acrobat. There are many ways you can use the web, such as filling in PDF forms, inserting text, links, sticky notes, etc., to the PDF file.

5. Online-Convert

There are times that we need to transform file formats when editing video and audio. We usually use file converters like Format Factory, Any Video Converter, etc., to convert file formats. Your computer can bog down these file converters, which can use tonnes of storage space. You should visit the Online-Convert website to stop file converters. You can convert any media files on your PC that are no larger than 100 MB on Online-Convert.

6. Spotify Web Player

There’s no denying that everyone enjoys listening to music. Nevertheless, consumers also need music player applications like VLC, Winamp, etc., to listen to music. What if I told you that you might enjoy over 20 million songs without downloading something on your machine? With the Spotify Web app, it’s true. Within the browser, the online app operates and helps users to stream over 20 million tracks.

7. TinyPNG

Ok, to have your image compressed, if you really rely on third-party image compression software, you need to use TinyPNG. TinyPNG is an online image compressor that decreases the file size using certain clever techniques. It reduces the size of the file significantly while preserving the quality of the image.

8. Pixlr Editor

Don’t you know how to edit images using Adobe Photoshop? You ought to give it a shot, Pixlr Editor. It’s a web-based photo-editing platform that can meet all of your needs for photo editing. While not as powerful as Photoshop, Pixlr Editor is definitely more capable than the Windows Paint software.

9. Google Drive Suite

If you have minimal storage space on your PC, Microsoft Office Suite, which requires almost 4 GB of space to load, may be removed. You will use the Google Drive Suite to view word docs, spreadsheets, slides, etc., as an option. It’s a free tool that comes with the Google Chrome web browser built-in. To view or save all your office-related information, you need to have a Google Account.

10. VirusTotal

Wouldn’t you want to invest in costly security software? You do not need to. VirusTotal is a web-based virus scanner with over 70 antivirus scanners and URL/Domain blacklisting services inspecting products. To detect viruses, worms, trojans, and any other type of security threat, it can easily search through files. To remove the need for personal security tools for PC safety, the web scanner is capable enough.

So, here are the top 10 powerful websites that can replace the desktop apps on your PC. I hope you have
been helped by this post! Please share it with friends of yours as well. Let us know in the comment box below
if you know about any such pages.


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