10 Best Google Chrome Themes You Should Use in 2021

Google launched a new Chrome customization feature last year that allows you to alter the color of the gui and window tabs. Is that, though, the only thing you can alter in Google Chrome? Well the answer is no

Google Chrome has a plethora of editing options, but the majority of them are concealed behind Chrome flags.
The first and most straightforward way to alter the appearance of your web browser is to use themes. On the Google Web Store, you’ll find hundreds of visually appealing themes that will turn the look of your web browser in no time.

The Best Google Chrome Themes are shown below.

You should add new themes to Google Chrome if you are tired of the same bland look and want to give it a full makeover. We’ll go over some of the latest Google Chrome themes available on the Google Web Store in this post. Many of the themes are available for free download and look awesome. Let’s take a look at the trends.

1. Deep Space Theme in Black

Deep Space Theme in Black is a must-have for anybody who enjoys space or celestial bodies. It’s one of the best themes for space enthusiasts, with actual images from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope. The theme is stunning, and every time you look at it, you’ll feel as if you’ve stepped into space.

2. Colors

Colors is yet another fantastic Google Chrome style that adds bright paint splashes to the browser. The Google Web Store has a free version of the theme, and it’s one of the better themes available right now. On your new tab screen, the theme adds a background color splash wallpaper. It has little impact on the look of the address bar or bookmark bar.

3. Raindrops(Non-Aero)

Do you want to see a place where it rains? If so, Raindrops(Non-Aero) is a game you can try.
Raindrops raining down on a car’s windshield are simulated in this theme. It’s the ideal style for nature enthusiasts, with over 152000 people already using it. The theme also keeps the top bar of your browser translucent after it’s been added. The Theme’s only drawback is that it consumes more RAM.

4. Iron Man-Material Design

You’ll love Iron Man-Material Design if you’re a big fan of Iron Man. Even if Iron Man died tragically in the film, the Iron Man-Material Design idea would live on forever. Iron Man, ready for war, is depicted in the theme’s spectacular artwork. The style creates a bluish red gradient around the tabs until it is applied.

5. Nordic Forest

Nordic Forest is a good option if you want to explore nature from the luxury of your own house. Nordic Forest is one of the best Chrome web store themes available. The theme includes a set of lovely wallpapers featuring pine trees. This theme is not to be missed if you are a nature lover like me.

6. Color Fusion

Color Fusion is yet another great style for your Google Chrome browser. It applies gradient colors to your Chrome browser once installed, making it more visually pleasing. Color Fusion is distinct in that it has multiple gradients for various browser components. The gradient of the active tab, for example, differs from that of the address bar. The theme has a distinctive concept and is visually appealing.

7. Tardis

For those unfamiliar, the Tardis is a futuristic time machine used in the television series Doctor Who, and the theme is based on it. If you want a lightweight and minimalistic theme for your Chrome browser, Tardis may be the best choice. The theme applies a white bar to the top of the current page for quick access, as well as deep blue wallpapers.

8. Sahara

Sahara is, after all, one of the most common themes in the Google Chrome web store. The style is inspired by the vastness of the Sahara Desert’s landscape. The wallpaper for the theme depicts the Sahara desert at night, with the Milky Way glowing brightly. Caravans with camels can be seen in the distance if you look closely. This is one of the most beautiful Chrome themes available.

9. Beauty

If you enjoy nature, you will undoubtedly enjoy this theme. Beauty is a Google Chrome style that will help you feel in love with beauty. The theme’s best feature is that it adds a set of carefully selected nature wallpaper to your new tab screen. The theme is so beautiful that you might forget what you’re doing for a moment to admire it.

10. Themes from Chrome Team

On the other hand, Google’s online store has a plethora of Google Chrome themes. For the Google Chrome web browser, Google has released a total of 14 themes. The themes are somewhat light, and they seem to be clear and attractive. If you want to change the look of your Chrome web browser, you can use one of Google’s themes.

But there you have it: the top Google Chrome themes. I hope you found this article useful!
Please pass it on to your mates as well. Please let us know if you know about any other similar themes in the comments section below.





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