10 Best Flipagram Alternatives You Should Try Out in 2021

Snapchat and Instagram have already made the idea of photo and video sharing common. Let’s agree; there are moments that we both want to share the online universe or interact with it. Apps such as Snapchat and Instagram do the same thing. It helps you to join up with your fans.

The Google Play Store has several photo and video sharing applications that allow users to click on photos, fire videos, and then add music to them. Flipagram is recognised as one such app. It helps people, in the form of stories, to share their experiences.

List of 10 Best Alternate Flipagrams You Can Check Out

You are reading the correct article if you are still looking for the best alternatives to Flipagram. We are going to share some of the best Flipagram alternatives for Android smartphones in this article.

1. Storybeat

If you’ve used Flipagram previously to make exclusive images, then you’re sure to love Storybeat. You can add music to a picture or video quickly with Storybeat, add sound effects, make photo slideshows with music, turn live images into a video, etc. Storybeat also has the potential to make stop motion videos of music in addition to that.

2. Pixgram



Pixgram could be the best choice if you’re looking for an Android app to customise your video and images. As it does not provide any forum to highlight your artistic abilities, it is very different from Flipagram. This software is interesting in its way, however. To convert your images into videos, you can use this app to attach filters to your videos, add music to videos, etc.

3. Quik


Ok, Quik is a full-fledged Android video editing tool. With Quik, within just a few taps, you can quickly make cool videos. Just guess what? From the images you have on your computer, Quik can also generate videos. You can share the videos directly with social networking sites such as Instagram, Facebook and more after editing or making a video.

4. Vskit


Vskit is an all-in-one app available on the Google Play Store for video editing. With Vskit, you can quickly watch
trending videos, shoot, edit and import them. It’s more of a TikTok app that enables you to build and share your artistic images with others. Vskit also provides lots of artistic effects and stickers to express yourself in your own way, much like TikTok.

5. Flashgap

Well, when it comes to the functionality, Flashgap is a little different from Flipagram. It’s not an application for video production, but it helps you to create photo galleries and invite users to visit them. They can also add their photos to your gallery until they are added. At a certain time, the images you take with the app will be removed from the phone but available to all. So, it’s one of the unique alternatives to Flipagram that you can use today.

6. Triller

When it comes to the traits, Triller is fairly similar to flipagram. Triller doesn’t advertise watermarks on the edited videos, unlike Flipagram. This is what makes the app special, as it doesn’t take its credit from its rivals. Users can create tiny images, add filters, apply background music, and share various channels with the software.

7. Slideshow Maker

It’s a slideshow builder app, as the name of the app suggests, to create slideshows from photographs and add background music. What’s fascinating is that the software helps you to post the video on different sites such as Twitter, Twitter, email, etc. after making a slideshow. It also has a large library of stickers, filters, and photo effects aside from that.

8. Dubsmash


Dubsmash is an Android app where you can create lip sync videos and dance videos with your favourite song, quotations, and movies. The software has a music library of its own when it comes to music, which you can download for free. It has a wide genre for incorporating background music, which is more important.

9. Snapchat

Another great Android app on the list where you can post photos and videos is Snapchat. With filters, lenses, Bitmojis, and all sorts of fun effects, it lets you express yourself. It also has chat support with live chatting features, apart from that. So, Snapchat is another nice alternative to Flipagram, which you can use right now.

10. Instagram


Facebook’s Instagram is the best social networking site you can use today. Instagram also helps people to take images & videos and post them with their followers, much like Flipagram. Instagram has a huge user base compared to Flipagram, and it’s the best way to communicate with your fans.

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