Top 10 Best Android Widgets in 2021 (Enhance Performance & Looks)

Android is without a doubt the most popular mobile operating system at the moment. Android offers customers more features and customization choices than any other smartphone operating system. When it comes to modifications, Android has a lot to offer.

Take a peek at the Google Play Store’s Customization/Personalization section; you’ll find thousands of apps there. Live Wallpapers, Launcher Apps, Widgets, Icon Packs, and other popular Android customization choices include:

We’ve already presented a number of articles about Android customization on techviral, such as the best launcher apps, top icon packs, and so on. We’re going to share a list of the greatest Android widgets today. These widgets are attractive on the Android home screen and deliver useful information.

List of the Top 15 Android Widget Apps

In this post, we’ve discussed the finest Android widgets for communicating important information and for keeping track of various chores.

1. Battery Widget Reborn


It’s a fantastic battery-monitoring widget for Android that you can find on the Play Store. It displays a battery check meter in the style of a speedometer.

The Widget’s color, shape, and functionality can all be customized in the settings. It also displays the apps that are actively draining the battery.

2. Beautiful Widgets


Well, if you’re looking for the greatest free way to customize your Android home screen, you should try Beautiful Widgets free. You may personalize your home screen with Beautiful Widgets free according to your moods and desires.

You won’t believe it, but Beautiful Widgets is currently offering over 2500 themes to modify over 10 widgets for free.

3. Weather


If you’re looking for a pleasant weather widget, this one might be the one for you. With a flip-tumble type clock, it harkens back to the old HTC climate widget.

The 1Weather widget app for Android pulls weather data from the popular 1Weather app. It displays the current temperature, precipitation, and wind gusts, among other things.

4. Month: Calendar Widget


This is one of the few Android Widget apps that has a collection of trendy, stylish, and helpful calendar widgets. The good news is that the widgets may be easily integrated into any home screen arrangement.

It also displays upcoming and recent calendar events, such as a friend’s birthday, local events, holidays, and so on.

5. 1Weather


1Weather, on the other hand, is a weather app with a lot of cool features. The app’s best feature is that it has a plethora of Widgets. You’ll find a variety of distinctive HD weather, clock, and alarm widgets that can completely change the look of your Android’s interface.

You may use these widgets to track and view weather reports right from your Android’s home screen.

6. Blue Mail Widget


Another excellent widget that everyone would like to have on their Android smartphone is the Blue Mail Widget. It’s an email client with a few email-related widgets thrown in for good measure.

The widget can display emails from several email service providers, including as Gmail, Outlook, and others, directly on your home screen.

7. Event Flow Calendar Widget


It’s another great Android widget app that functions more like an event notifier. The Event Flow Calendar Widget is useful since it syncs with the calendar app to display upcoming events on your home screen.

As a result, the Event Flow Calendar Widget is unquestionably one of the best widget apps available today.

8. My Data Manager


This widget assists users in managing their mobile data use. In addition, the Android app has a widget that displays real-time and roaming consumption. In addition, the widget displays the most recent call logs and text messages.

9. Slider Widget


This is another another top Android widget software that gives users complete control over their audio. What’s more, guess what? Slider Widget provides users with six distinct switches to manage call volume, music volume, alarm volume, and so on.

The Slider Widget Android app, on the other hand, does not allow users to build a sound profile.

10. Minimalistic Text


Minimalistic Text is, without a doubt, one of the greatest and most lightweight widget apps available. Users can write anything they want on the home screen or lock screen with Minimalistic Text.

As a result, users can customize the Minimalistic Text to show time, date, battery, and weather data. Apart from that, Minimalistic Text is a highly configurable widget software that is currently the greatest widget app available.


These are the finest Android widget apps for improving efficiency and appearance. I hope you found this material useful! Please pass it on to your friends as well. Please let us know if you know of any more similar apps in the comments section below.

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